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  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Allameh Tabataba'i University


    Divisions: Communication Sciences; ECO College of Insurance; Economics; Law and Political Sciences; Management and Accounting; Mathematical and Computer Sciences; Persian Literature and Foreign Languages; Physical Education and Sports Sciences; Psychology and Education; School of Graduate Studies; Social Sciences; Theology and Islamic Knowlege

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  • United States of America - Washington

    Expand result for Bastyr University

    Divisions: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ; Applied Behavioural Sciences; Exercise Science and Wellness; Health Psychology; Herbal Science; Naturopathic Medicine; Nutrition

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  • Chile

    Expand result for Catholic University of Chile

    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC)

    Divisions: Agronomy and Forestry Engineering; Architecture, Design and Urban Studies; Arts and Humanities; Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Communication Studies; Economics and Administration; Education; Engineering; History, Geography, and Political Science; Law; Letters; Mathematics; Medicine; Philosophy; Physics; Social Sciences; Theology

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  • Chile

    Expand result for Central University of Chile

    Universidad Central de Chile

    Divisions: Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture; Cognitive Development; Communication Studies; Economics and Public Administration; Educational Sciences; Elementary Education; Law and Social Sciences; Physics and Mathematics; Political Science and Public Administration; Public Management; Social Sciences

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  • Poland

    Expand result for Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw

    Chrześcijańska Akademia Teologiczna w Warszawie (ChAT)

    Divisions: Education; Theology

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  • Poland

    Expand result for College of Communications and Management

    Wyższa Szkola Komunikacji i Zarzadzania w Poznaniu (WSKiZ)

    Divisions: Automation and Robotics; Computer Science; Environmental Protection ; Management; Management and Production Engineering; Pedagogy

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  • Poland

    Expand result for Cuiavian University in Włocławek

    Kujawska Szkoła Wyższa we Włocławku (WSHE/UHEW)

    Divisions: Health Sciences; Pedagogics; Social and Technical Sciences; Technical Sciences

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  • Latvia

    Expand result for Daugavpils University

    Daugavpils Universitāte (DU)

    Divisions: Comparative Studies; Ecology; Education and Management; Humanities; Innovative Microscopy; Latgale Region Research; Music and Arts; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Oral History; Social Investigation; Social Sciences; Sustainable Education; Systematic Biology

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  • United States of America - Nebraska

    Expand result for Doane College

    Divisions: Allied Health Care Professions; Business; Education; Fine Arts and Humanities; Graphic Design; Human Relations; Information Systems Management; Organizational Communication; Paralegal Studies; Professional Studies in Accounting; Professional Studies in Business; Public Administration; Science, Mathematics and Information Science and Technology; Social Sciences

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  • Colombia

    Expand result for Francisco de Paula Santander University

    Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

    Divisions: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Basic Sciences; Business Administration; Distance Education; Education, Arts and Humanities; Engineering; Health Sciences; Postgraduate Studies

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