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  • Czech Republic

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    Expand result for Czech Technical University in Prague    

    České vysoké učení technické v Praze (ČVUT)

    Divisions: Advanced Studies; Architecture; Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Information Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering; Physical Education and Sport; Transport Sciences

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  •   IAU-001608  
  • Germany

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    Expand result for University of Wuppertal    

    Bergische Universität Wuppertal (UW)

    Divisions: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering; Art and Design; Business and Economics; Education; Electrical, Information and Media Engineering; Human and Social Sciences; Humanities; Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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  •   IAU-018591  
  • Portugal

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    Expand result for University of Porto    

    Universidade do Porto (UPORTO)

    Divisions: Architecture; Arts and Humanities; Biomedical Sciences; Dentistry; Economics; Engineering; Fine Arts; Law; Medicine; Nutrition and Food Science; Pharmacy; Psychology and Education Sciences; Science; Sports

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  •   IAU-022211  
  • Russian Federation

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    Expand result for Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics

    Sankt-Peterburgskij Gosudarstvennyj Ekonomičeskij Universitet

    Divisions: Administration; Computer Science and Applied Mathematics; Economics and Finance; Human Resource Management; Humanities; Industrial Management; Law; Management; Tourism; Trade and Customs

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  •   IAU-006742  
  • Russian Federation

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    Expand result for State University of Management    

    Gosudarstvennyj Universitet Upravlenija (SUM)

    Divisions: Civil Service; Federal and Municipal Management; Financial Management; Foreign Languages; Innovations and Logistics; International Business; Management and Entrepreneurship in the Social Sphere; Management in Chemistry and Metallurgy; Management in Civil Engineering and Project Management; Management in Power Engineering; Management Information Systems; Management of Migration Processes; New Economy Problems Management; Russian-Dutch Faculty of Marketing; Sociology and Personnel Management; Taxes and Tax Management; Tourism and Market Development; Training of Academic-Teaching and Academic Personnel; Transport Management; World and National Economics

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  •   IAU-020493  
  • South Africa

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    Expand result for University of South Africa    

    University of South Africa - Universiteit van Suid-Afrika (UNISA)

    Divisions: Accounting Sciences; Agriculture and Environmental Science; Economics and Management Sciences; Education; Graduate School of Business Leadership; Graduate Studies; Human Sciences; Law; Science, Engineering and Technology

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  •   IAU-021339  
  • Sweden

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    Expand result for World Maritime University    


    Divisions: Engineering; Law; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences; Transport and Communications; Welfare and Protective Services

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  •   IAU-016875  
  • Vietnam

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    Expand result for Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport

    Truong Dai hoc Giao thong van tai Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh (UT-HCM)

    Divisions: Basic Science; Civil Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; English; In-service Training; Information Technology; Marine Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Naval Architecture; Navigation; Philosophy; Transport Economics; Transport Engineering

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  •   IAU-004173  
  • Algeria

    Expand result for National School of Civil Engineering

    Ecole nationale supérieure des Travaux publics (ENSTP)

    Divisions: Civil Engineering

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  •   IAU-020530  
  • Australia

    Expand result for The University of Sydney


    Divisions: Accountancy Foundation; Advanced Composite Structures ; Advanced Materials Technology; Advanced Structural Engineering; Advanced Technologies in Animal Genetics; Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Animal Immunology Research; Architecture; Arts; Asia and Pacific; Asian Agribusiness; Asian and Pacific Law; Astronomy; Australian Marine Mammal ; Australian Mekong Resource Centre; Australian National Genomic Information Service; Autonomous; Biological Control of Pest Animals ; Biological Information and Technology; Biosecurity, Emerging Infectious Diseases; Celtic Studies; Chemical Engineering ; Chemistry; Civil Engineering; Classical Civilizations; Clinical Trials; Criminology; Dairy Research ; Dentistry; Design Computing and Cognition; Earth Resources; Ecological Impacts of Coastal Cities; Economics and Business; Education and Social Work; Electrical Engineering; Electron Microscope; Engineering; English Teaching; Environmental Law; European Studies; Field Robotics; Finite Element Analysis; Fruit Fly; Geotechnical Research; Government; Health Economics Research and Evaluation; Health Promotion; Health Sciences; Heavy Metals Research; Herbal Medicines; Human Aspects of Science and Technology ; Humanities and Social Sciences; IA Watson Grains; Ian Buchan Fell Housing; Industrial Relations Research and Teaching; Information Technology; Innovation and International Competitiveness; Innovation Dairy Products; Innovative Grain Food Products; Inorganic Chemistry; Law; Marine Science; Mathematics Learning; Medical Physics; Medicine; Medieval Studies; Mining ; Molonglo Observatory; Nitrogen Fixation ; Nursing; Nutrition Research; One Tree Island; Optical Fibre Technology; Organic Synthesis ; Peace and Conflict Studies; Pharmacy; Photonics; Physics; Planning Research ; Plant Breeding; Polymer Colloids; Polymers; Poultry Research; Precision Agriculture; Quaternary Dating; Rehabilitation; Risk, Envrionment, Systems Technology and Analysis; Rural Management; Rural Sustainability; Salinity Assessment and Management; Save Sight Institute; Science; Sciences and Technology; Spatial Science Innovation Unit; Structural Biology and Structural Chemistry; Stuttering Research; Sustainable Cotton Production; Sustainable Resource Processing; Sustainable Rice Production; Sydney College of Arts; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Teaching and Learning; Technology Enabled Capital Markets; Theoretical Astrophysics; Transport Studies; Ultrahigh-Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems; Value-added Wheat Cooperative; Veterinary Science; Visualisation Lab; Warren Centre of Advanced Engineering; Wave Physics; Wildlife Research

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