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  • China

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    Expand result for Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University    

    Xijiao Liwupu Daxue (XJTLU)

    Divisions: Architecture; Biological Sciences; Chemistry; China Studies; Chinese Cultural Teaching Centre; Civil Engineering; Computer Science and Software Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; English; Health and Environmental Sciences; Industrial Design; Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development; International Business School Suzhou; International Relations; Language; Mathematical Sciences; Physical Education; School of Film and TV Arts; Urban Planning and Design

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  •   IAU-016615  
  • Jamaica

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    Expand result for The University of the West Indies    


    Divisions: Biotechnology; Business; Caribbean Thought; Continuing Education; Earthquake; Electronics; Environmental and Nuclear Sciences; Fertility Management; Gender and Development Studies; Humanities and Education; Law ; Marine Sciences; Medical Sciences; Mona Geoinformatics Institute (Mona GIS); Science and Technology; Social and Economic Studies; Social Sciences; Solutions for Developing Countries (SODECO); Tropical Medicine Research Institute (TMRI)

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  • Lebanon

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    Expand result for Saint-Joseph University    

    Université Saint-Joseph (USJ)

    Divisions: Agro-industry; Arabic Research and Studies; Arabic Terminology; Archeology; Arts and Humanities; Banking; Biochemistry; Bioequivalence and Medicament Control; Biostatical and Medical Epidemiology; Business Administration; Business Administration and Management; Cartography; Chemistry and Physics; Christian Arabs; Communication and Information; Confucius; Construction; Dentistry; E-learning Technologies; Economics; Education ; Electrical Industries and Telecommunications; Engineering; Ethics; Euro-Lebanese Intercultural Studies; European Union Studies; Experimental Psychology; Health and Social Protection; Human Hispathology; Insurance Studies; Islamic-Christian Studies; Japanese; Law and Political Science; Medical Computer Science; Medical Genetics; Medical Laboratory Techniques; Medicine; Mediterranean Agronomy; Michel Henry; Middle East Markets; Midwifery; Mineralized Tissues; Modelling and Information Technology; Modern Arab World Studies; Modern Languages; Molecular Biology; Nursing; Open University; Oriental Literature; Pharmacology; Pharmacy; Physiology; Physiotherapy; Political Science; Psychomotricity; Religious Interpretation; Religious Sciences; Rights of the Arab World; Science; Social Work Training; Socio-economical Reality; Speech Therapy; Teachers; Teaching Pedagogy; Teledetection; Theatre, Audiovisual and Film Studies; Tourism; Toxicology; Translation and Interpretation; Water and Environment

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  •   IAU-006272  
  • Pakistan

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    Expand result for Fatima Jinnah Women University    


    Divisions: Behavioral Sciences; Business Administration; Commerce; Communication and Media Studies; Computer Arts; Computer Science; Defense and Diplomatic Studies; Economics; Education; Electronic Engineering; English; Environmental Sciences; Fine Arts; Gender Studies; Information Technology; Islamic Studies; Law; Mathematical Sciences; Physics; Public Administration; Resource centre murree (RCM); Software Engineering; Urdu; Women Research and Resource (WRRC)

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  •   IAU-017356  
  • Peru

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    Expand result for Peruvian Scientific University    

    Universidad Cientifica del Perú (UCP)

    Divisions: Architecture and Town Planning; Business Administration; Education and Humanities; Health Sciences; Law; Law and Political Science; Science and Engineering; Telematics

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  •   IAU-018591  
  • Portugal

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    Expand result for University of Porto    

    Universidade do Porto (UPORTO)

    Divisions: Architecture; Arts and Humanities; Biomedical Sciences; Dentistry; Economics; Engineering; Fine Arts; Law; Medicine; Nutrition and Food Science; Pharmacy; Psychology and Education Sciences; Science; Sports

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  •   IAU-013741  
  • Saudi Arabia

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    Expand result for Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University

    Divisions: Art and Design; Arts; Business and Administration; Community College; Computer Sciences; Dentistry; Education; Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; Home Economics; Languages and Translation; Medicine; Nursing; Pharmacy; Sciences; Social Services

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  •   IAU-004962  
  • Austria

    Expand result for Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

    Fachhochschule Salzburg – FH Salzburg (FHS)

    Divisions: Applied Image and Signal Processing (Master); Biomedical Sciences; Business Informatics and Digital Transformation (Bachelor); Business Management (Bachelor / Master); Design and Product Management (Bachelor / Master); Forest Products Technology and Management (Master); Forest Products Technology and Timber Construction (Bachelor); Human-Computer Interaction (Master); Information Technology and Systems Management (Bachelor / Master); Innovation and Management in Tourism (Bachelor / Master); Midwifery; MultiMediaArt (Bachelor / Master); MultiMediaTechnology (Bachelor / Master); Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Orthoptics; Physiotherapy; Radiation Technology; Salutophysiology for Midwives (Master); Smart Building (Bachelor), Smart Buildings in Smart Cities (Master); SME-Management and Entrepreneurship (Bachelor / Master); Social Work (Bachelor), Social Innovation (Master)

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  •   IAU-001323  
  • Azerbaijan

    Expand result for Azerbaijan Technical University

    Azarbaycan Texniki Universiteti

    Divisions: Automation and Computer Engineernig; Electrical and Power Engineering; Engineering Business and Management; Machine Building; Metallurgy; Radio Engineering and Communication; Technological and Light Industry Machines; Transport

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  •   IAU-021070  
  • Belarus

    Expand result for Higher State College of Communications

    Vyšejšy Dzjaržauny Kaledž Suvjazi (UO VGKS/HSCC)

    Divisions: Engineering and Technology Communication; Telecommunication

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