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  • Bahrain

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    Expand result for University of Bahrain    


    Divisions: American Studies; Applied Studies; Arts; Bahrain Teachers College; Business Administration; E-Learning; Engineering; English Language; French Studies; German Studies; Health Sciences; Information Technology; Japanese Studies; Law; Measurement and Evaluation; Physical Education and Physiotherapy; Road and Transport Studies; Science

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  •   IAU-001547  
  • Belarus

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    Expand result for Belarusian National Technical University    

    Belaruski Nacyjanal'ny Tehnichny Universitet (BNTU)

    Divisions: Architecture ; Automotive and Tractor; Civil Engineering ; Distance Education; Engineering and Pedagogy; Improvement of Professional Skills and Staff Retraining on New Directions of Engineering; Information Technologies and Robotics; Innovative Technologies; Instrument Making; International Relations; Management Technology and Humanities; Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship; Mechanical and Technological Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Military Engineering; Mining Engineering and Engineering Ecology; Power Engineering ; Power Plant Construction and Engineering Services; Soligorsk; Sports; Staff Training and Retraining on Management and Personnel Development; Transport Communication

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  •   IAU-016010  
  • Croatia

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    Expand result for University of Zagreb    

    Sveučilište u Zagrebu

    Divisions: Agriculture; Architecture; Catholic Theology; Chemical Engineering and Technology; Civil Engineering; Croatian Studies; Dental Medicine; Dramatic Arts; Education and Rehabilitation; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Fine Arts; Food Technology and Biotechnology; Forestry; Geodesy; Geotechnical Engineering; Graphic Arts; Humanities and Social Sciences; Kinesiology; Law; Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture; Medicine; Metallurgy; Mining, Geology, and Petroleum Engineering; Music; Organization and Information Studies; Pharmacy and Biochemistry; Philosophy; Political Science; Science; Teacher Education; Textile Technology; Transport and Traffic Engineering; Veterinary Science

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  •   IAU-004414  
  • Czech Republic

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    Expand result for Czech Technical University in Prague    

    České vysoké učení technické v Praze (ČVUT)

    Divisions: Advanced Studies; Architecture; Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Information Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering; Physical Education and Sport; Transport Sciences

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  •   IAU-003529  
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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    Expand result for K.N. Toosi University of Technology    

    Daneshgah-e-Khajeh Nassir-o-diné Toosi – Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology (KNTU)

    Divisions: Aerospace Engineering; Boilers Technology; Chemistry; Civil Engineering; Communication; Computer Engineering; Control and Robotics; Electrical Engineering; Geodesy and Geomatics; Industrial Engineering; Materials Behaviour; Materials Science and Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Physics; Water Resources

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  •   IAU-020442  
  • Qatar

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    Expand result for Qatar University    


    Divisions: Arts and Sciences; Biomedical Research Center; Business and Economics; Centre for Advanced Materials; Education; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Gas Processing; Health Sciences; KINDI Center for Computing Research; Laboratory Animal Research Center; Law; Medicine; Pharmacy; Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center; Sharia and Islamic Studies; Social and Economic Survey Research Institute

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  •   IAU-020899  
  • Ukraine

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    Expand result for Vinnytsia National Technical University    

    Vinnyc’kyj nacional’nyj texničnyj universytet – Vinnitsa National Technical University (VNTU)

    Divisions: Civil Engineering, Thermal Power Engineering and Gas Supply; Computer Systems and Automation; Environmental Safety and Monitoring; Information Technologies and Computer Engineering; Machine Building and Transport; Management and Information Security; Power Engineering, Ecology and Electrical Mechanics; Telecommunications, Radioelectronic Engineering and Nanosystems

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  •   IAU-004173  
  • Algeria

    Expand result for National School of Civil Engineering

    Ecole nationale supérieure des Travaux publics (ENSTP)

    Divisions: Civil Engineering

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  •   IAU-021713  
  • Armenia

    Expand result for National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia

    Chartarapetut’yan yev shinarararut’yan Hayastani azgayin hamalsaran (NUACA)

    Divisions: Architecture; Construction; Design; Management and Technology

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  •   IAU-020700  
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Expand result for University of Sarajevo

    Univerzitet u Sarajevu

    Divisions: Agriculture; Architecture and Town Planning; Civil Engineering; Crime against Humanity Research and International Law; Criminology; Dentistry; Drama; Economics; Electrical Engineering; Fine Arts; Forestry; Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; History; Law; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine; Music; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Nursing ; Oriental Research ; Pedagogy; Pharmacy; Philosophy; Physical Education; Political Science; Transport and Communication; Veterinary Medicine

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