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  • South Africa

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    University of South Africa - Universiteit van Suid-Afrika (UNISA)

    Divisions: Accounting Sciences; Agriculture and Environmental Science; Economics and Management Sciences; Education; Graduate School of Business Leadership; Graduate Studies; Human Sciences; Law; Science, Engineering and Technology

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  • Switzerland

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    Université de Fribourg - Universität Freiburg

    Divisions: Arts and Humanities; Economics and Social Sciences; Law; Science; Theology

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  • United States of America - Massachusetts

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    Divisions: Advancing Studies; Arts and Sciences; Education; Law; Management; Nursing; Social Work; Theology and Ministry

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  • United States of America - New York

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    Expand result for Fordham University

    Divisions: Arts and Sciences; Business; Education; Law; Lincoln; Professional and Continuing Studies; Religion and Religious Education; Rose Hill; Social Service

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  • Austria

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    Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck

    Divisions: Architecture; Biology; Catholic Theology; Chemistry and Pharmacy; Economics and Statistics; Education; Engineering Science; Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences; Humanities I (Philosophy and History); Humanities II ((Language and Literature); Law; Management; Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics; Political Science and Sociology; Psychology and Sport Science

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  • Brazil

    Expand result for Catholic Insitute of Advanced Studies of Piauí

    Instituto Católico de Estudos Superiores do Piauí (ICESPI)

    Divisions: Philosophy; Theology

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  • Brazil

    Expand result for Jesuit Faculty of Philosophy and Theology

    Faculdade Jesuíta de Filosofia e Teologia (FAJE)

    Divisions: Education; Philosophy; Theology

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  • Canada - Quebec / Québec

    Expand result for Laval University

    Université Laval

    Divisions: 'Mont Mégantic' Observatory; Aboriginal Studies and Research; Agricultural Economics; Agriculture and Food Sciences; Algebric Mathematics Calculation; Arts; Brain, Behaviour and Neuropsychiatry; Business Administration; Cancer; Catalysis and Interfaces Properties; Concrete Technology; Continuous Education; Dentistry; Distance Education; Education; Education and Work Life; Energy Metabolism; Finite Element Methods; Forestry Biology; Forestry, Goegraphy and Geomatics; Geomatics; Graduate Studies; Health Respiratory; Horticulture; Infectiology; International Studies; Language Planning; Languages, Arts and Popular Francophone Traditions of North America; Law; Macromolecules Sciences and Engineering; Medicine; Milk Science and Technology; Molecular Endocrinology and Oncology; Music; Network Organisation Technologies; Nordic Studies; Nursing; Optics, Photonics and Laser; Oral Ecology; Pharmacy; Philosophy; Planning, Architecture and Visual Arts; Protein, Function and Structure Engineering; Psychosocial Inadaptation of the Child; Quebec Literature and Culture; Quebec Oceanographic Research; Quebec Studies; Regional Planning and Development; Rehabilitation and Social Integration; Reproduction Biology; Research and Intervention on Academic Success; Risk, Economic Policies and Employment; Science and Engineering; Social Sciences; Theology and Religious Studies; Training and Teaching Professions; Violence Against Women and Family Violence; Youth and Families at Risk

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  • Côte d'Ivoire

    Expand result for African Muslim University

    Université Musulmane Africaine (UMA)

    Divisions: Economics, Philosophy and Theology; Educational Sciences, Training Engineering and Education Sector Vocational Training; English; Exact Sciences and New Technologies Engineering; Legal Sciences; Organizational and Communication Sciences; Oriental Languages and Culture; Political, Legal and Institutional Sciences; Professions of the Ministry of Islamic Cults

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