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  • Czech Republic

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Czech Technical University in Prague    

    České vysoké učení technické v Praze (ČVUT)

    Divisions: Advanced Studies; Architecture; Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Information Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering; Physical Education and Sport; Transport Sciences

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  •   IAU-001608  
  • Germany

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    Expand result for University of Wuppertal    

    Bergische Universität Wuppertal (UW)

    Divisions: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering; Art and Design; Business and Economics; Education; Electrical, Information and Media Engineering; Human and Social Sciences; Humanities; Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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  •   IAU-009610  
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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    Expand result for Iran University of Science and Technology

    Daneshgahe Elm va Sanat e Iran (IUST)

    Divisions: Architecture and Environmental Design; Asphalt Mixtures and Bitumen; Automotive Engineering; Cement; Centre of Excellence for Advanced Matetials Processing; Centre of Excellence for Fundamental Studies in Structural Engineering; Centre of Excellence for Power Systems Automation and Operation; Chemical, Petroleum and Gas Engineering; Chemistry; Civil Engineering; Computer Engineering; E-Learning; Electrical Engineering; Electronics; Foreign Languages; Green Research Centre; Industrial Engineering; Information Technology; Iran Aluminium; Iran Composite Institute; Islamic Studies; IUST Arak Branch; IUST Behshahr Branch; IUST Technology Incubator; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgy and Materials Engineering; New Technologies; Physical Education and Sports Sciences; Physical Training; Physics; Railway Engineering; Transport

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  •   IAU-018461  
  • Argentina

    Expand result for National Technical University

    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN)

    Divisions: Avellaneda Regional Faculty; Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty; Buenos Aires Regional Faculty; Chubut Regional Faculty; Concepción del Uruguay Regional University; Concordia Regional Faculty; Córdoba Regional Faculty; Del Neuquén Regional Faculty; Delta Regional Faculty; General Pacheco Regional Faculty; Haedo Regional Faculty; La Plata Regional Faculty; La Rioja Regional Faculty; Mar del Plata Academic Unit; Mendoza Regional Faculty; Paraná Regional Faculty; Rafaela Regional Faculty; Reconquista Regional Faculty; Resistencia Regional Faculty; Río Grande Regional Faculty; Rosario Regional Faculty; San Francisco Regional Faculty; San Nicolás Regional Faculty; San Rafael Regional Faculty; Santa Cruz Regional Faculty; Santa Fe Regional Faculty; Trenque Lauquen Regional Faculty; Tucumán Regional Faculty; Venardo Tuerto Regional Faculty; Villa María Regional Faculty

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  •   IAU-001323  
  • Azerbaijan

    Expand result for Azerbaijan Technical University

    Azarbaycan Texniki Universiteti

    Divisions: Automation and Computer Engineernig; Electrical and Power Engineering; Engineering Business and Management; Machine Building; Metallurgy; Radio Engineering and Communication; Technological and Light Industry Machines; Transport

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  •   IAU-001557  
  • Belarus

    Expand result for Belarusian State University of Transport

    Belaruskij Dzjaržauny Universitet Transpartu (BeLGUT)

    Divisions: Brakes Rolling Stock (O'Neill TSPS); Complex Transport Problems (NC QFT); Construction; Design; Electric Power Supply of Transport (NFI SET); Electrical Engineering; Environmental Security and Energy Efficiency in Transport (SIC EiET); Estimation of Rolling Stock Units; Extramural Education; Foreign Students; Humanities and Economics; Industrial and Civil Engineering; Master Training and Guidance; Mechanical Engineering; Military Transport; Railway Transport; Safety and Electromagnetical Compatibility of Technical Means; Soil, Base and Foundation Mechanics; Structural and Tribological Materials (NFI KTM); Surface and Thin Films Physics; Track Studies; Traffic Control (NFI SCP); Transport Communications (SRL TC); Transport Management

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  •   IAU-020700  
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Expand result for University of Sarajevo

    Univerzitet u Sarajevu

    Divisions: Agriculture; Architecture and Town Planning; Civil Engineering; Crime against Humanity Research and International Law; Criminology; Dentistry; Drama; Economics; Electrical Engineering; Fine Arts; Forestry; Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; History; Law; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine; Music; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Nursing ; Oriental Research ; Pedagogy; Pharmacy; Philosophy; Physical Education; Political Science; Transport and Communication; Veterinary Medicine

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  •   IAU-020916  
  • Bulgaria

    Expand result for "Todor Kableshkov" University of Transport

    Vische transportno utchilichte "Todor Kablechkov"

    Divisions: Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport; Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment in Transport; Transport Management

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  •   IAU-016301  
  • Bulgaria

    Expand result for Technical University of Sofia

    Tehničeski universitet Sofija (TUS)

    Divisions: Applied Mathematics and Informatics; Applied Physics; Automatics; Computer Systems and Control; Electrical Engineering; Electronic Engineering and Technology; Electronics and Automation - Plovdiv; Engineering; Engineering and Pedagogy - Sliven; Engineering Education and Industrial Management; Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics; Industrial Technology; Management; Mechanical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering - Plovdiv; Physical Education and Sports; Power Engineering and Power Machines; Telecommunications; Transport

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  •   IAU-015594  
  • Canada - Alberta

    Expand result for Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

    SAIT Polytechnic (SAIT)

    Divisions: Business; Construction; Energy; Health and Public Safety; Hospitality and Tourism; Information and Communications Technologies; Manufacturing and Automation; Transportation

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