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  • Bulgaria

    Expand result for "Todor Kableshkov" University of Transport

    Vische transportno utchilichte "Todor Kablechkov"

    Divisions: Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport; Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment in Transport; Transport Management

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  • Japan

    Expand result for Ashiya University

    Ashiya Daigaku

    Divisions: Education; Graduate Studies; Management Education; Osaka

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  • Azerbaijan

    Expand result for Azerbaijan Technical University

    Azarbaycan Texniki Universiteti

    Divisions: Automation and Computer Engineernig; Electrical and Power Engineering; Engineering Business and Management; Machine Building; Metallurgy; Radio Engineering and Communication; Technological and Light Industry Machines; Transport

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  • Belarus

    Expand result for Belarusian State University of Transport

    Belaruskij Dzjaržauny Universitet Transpartu (BeLGUT)

    Divisions: Brakes Rolling Stock (O'Neill TSPS); Complex Transport Problems (NC QFT); Construction; Design; Electric Power Supply of Transport (NFI SET); Electrical Engineering; Environmental Security and Energy Efficiency in Transport (SIC EiET); Estimation of Rolling Stock Units; Extramural Education; Foreign Students; Humanities and Economics; Industrial and Civil Engineering; Master Training and Guidance; Mechanical Engineering; Military Transport; Railway Transport; Safety and Electromagnetical Compatibility of Technical Means; Soil, Base and Foundation Mechanics; Structural and Tribological Materials (NFI KTM); Surface and Thin Films Physics; Track Studies; Traffic Control (NFI SCP); Transport Communications (SRL TC); Transport Management

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  • Canada - British Columbia / Colombie-Britannique

    Expand result for British Columbia Institute of Technology


    Divisions: Business; Computing and Academic Studies; Construction and the Environment; Energy; Health Sciences; Transportation

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  • Czech Republic

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Czech Technical University in Prague

    České vysoké učení technické v Praze (ČVUT)

    Divisions: Advanced Studies; Architecture; Biomedical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Information Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering; Physical Education and Sport; Transport Sciences

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  • Korea (Republic of)

    Expand result for Dongyang University

    Divisions: Airline Secretary; Architectural and Interior Design; Architecture and Fire Administration; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Cinema and Theatre; Computer Information Warfare; Cultural Property; Design Management; Early Childhood Education; Education; Electro-Magnetic Technology; Fashion Design and Stylist; Graduate Studies; Information; Information and Communication Engineering; International Commerce and English; Jewelry and Metals; Management and Tourism; Nursing; Practical Physical Education; Public Administration; Public Health and Medical Administration; Rail Way Vehicle Engineering; Railroad Civil Engineering; Railroad Drive and Control; Railroad Electric Communication; Railroad Management Information; Social Welfare

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  • Germany

    Expand result for Dresden University of Technology

    Technische Universität Dresden

    Divisions: Civil and Environmental Engineering; Engineering Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Medicine; Science

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  • Germany

    Expand result for Erfurt University of Applied Sciences

    Fachhochschule Erfurt

    Divisions: Applied Social Sciences; Architecture and Urban Planning; Business, Logistics and Transport; Civil Engineering and Conservation/Restoration; Engineering in Building and Computer Science; Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Forestry

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  • Montenegro

    Expand result for Faculty of Traffic and Communication Management

    Fakultet za menadžment u saobraćaju i komunikacijama

    Divisions: E-Communications; Logistics; Transport

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