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  • Switzerland

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    Expand result for University of Lausanne    

    Université de Lausanne (UNIL)

    Divisions: Arts; Biology and Medicine; Business and Economics; Criminal Justice; French as a Foreign Language; Geosciences and Environment; Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration; Pharmacy; Social and Political Sciences; Swiss Public Administration; Theology and Religious Studies

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  • Belarus

    Expand result for Higher State College of Communications

    Vyšejšy Dzjaržauny Kaledž Suvjazi (UO VGKS/HSCC)

    Divisions: Engineering and Technology Communication; Telecommunication

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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Expand result for University of Sarajevo

    Univerzitet u Sarajevu

    Divisions: Agriculture; Architecture and Town Planning; Civil Engineering; Crime against Humanity Research and International Law; Criminology; Dentistry; Drama; Economics; Electrical Engineering; Fine Arts; Forestry; Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; History; Law; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine; Music; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Nursing ; Oriental Research ; Pedagogy; Pharmacy; Philosophy; Physical Education; Political Science; Transport and Communication; Veterinary Medicine

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  • Bulgaria

    Expand result for New Bulgarian University

    Nov Bulgarski Universitet (NBU)

    Divisions: Anthropology; Archaeology; Architecture; Art Studies and History of Culture; Business Administration; Cinema, Advertising and Show Business; Cognitive Science and Psychology; Design; Economics; English Studies; Fine Arts; Health and Social Work; History; Human Relations; Informatics; Law; Mass Communication; Mediterranean and Eastern Studies; Modern Bulgarian Studies; Music; National and International Security; Natural Sciences; Philosophy and Sociology; Political Science; Public Administration; Romanic studies and German studies; Semiotic Studies; Social Practices; Telecommunications; Theatre

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  •   IAU-004170  
  • Cameroon

    Expand result for National Advanced School of Post and Telecommunications

    Ecole nationale supérieure des Postes et Télécommunications (ENSPT)

    Divisions: Communications; Electronics, Computer Science and Telematics; Finance and Accountancy Services; Local Networks; Post Management; Technology and Electronics; Telecommunications; Transmissions and Radio Communications

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  •   IAU-002772  
  • China

    Expand result for Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    Divisions: Computer Science and Technology; Information and Computational Science; Management Engineering; Modern Languages; Postal Engineering; Radio Communications Engineering; Social Sciences; Telecommunication Engineering

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  • Madagascar

    Expand result for Institute of Management and Tourism

    Institute of Management and Technology (IMT)

    Divisions: Building and Public Works; Hotel and Tourism Management; Management and Business Studies

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  •   IAU-012033  
  • Mongolia

    Expand result for Mongolian University of Science and Technology

    Mongol Ulsyn Shinkleh Ukhaan Tekhnologiin Ikh Surguuli (MUST)

    Divisions: Applied Sciences; Business; Business Administration and Humanities; Civil Engineering and Architecture; E-Open Institute; Foreign Languages; Geology and Mining Engineering; Industrial Technology; Information Technology and Telecommunication Engineering; Mechanical Engineering and Transportation; Power Engineering; Technology

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  •   IAU-006243  
  • Montenegro

    Expand result for Faculty of Traffic and Communication Management

    Fakultet za menadžment u saobraćaju i komunikacijama

    Divisions: E-Communications; Logistics; Transport

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  •   IAU-012177  
  • Russian Federation

    Expand result for Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics

    Moskovskij Tehničeskij Universitet Svjazi i Informatiki

    Divisions: Automation and Postal Services Computerization; Economics and Management; Multichannel Telecommunications; Radiocommunication, Broadcasting and TV; Radioengineering; Telecommunications and Informatics

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