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  • Belarus

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    Expand result for Belarusian National Technical University    

    Belaruski Nacyjanal'ny Tehnichny Universitet (BNTU)

    Divisions: Architecture ; Automotive and Tractor; Civil Engineering ; Distance Education; Engineering and Pedagogy; Improvement of Professional Skills and Staff Retraining on New Directions of Engineering; Information Technologies and Robotics; Innovative Technologies; Instrument Making; International Relations; Management Technology and Humanities; Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship; Mechanical and Technological Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Military Engineering; Mining Engineering and Engineering Ecology; Power Engineering ; Power Plant Construction and Engineering Services; Soligorsk; Sports; Staff Training and Retraining on Management and Personnel Development; Transport Communication

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  • Canada - Ontario

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    Expand result for McMaster University    


    Divisions: Ancient DNA; Antimicrobial; Applied Radiation Sciences; Arts and Science; Automotive Research and Technology; Bertrand Russell; Business; Child Health; Child Studies; Childhood Disability; Climate Change; Confucius; eBusiness; Emerging Device Technologies; Energy Studies; Engineering; Evaluation of Medicines; Functional Genomics; Gene Therapeutics; Gerontological Health; Globalization and the Human Condition; Graduate Studies; Health Economics and Policy Analysis; Health Sciences; Henderson; Humanities; Indigenous Studies; Infectious Disease; Management of Innovation and New Technology; Manufacturing; Materials; Mc Master Divinity College; Medical Imagining Informatics; Microbial Chemical Biology; Minimal Access Surgery; Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Network for Evaluation of Education and Training Technologies; Peace Studies; Polymer Production Technology; Population Health; Probe Development and Commercialization; Promotion of Women's Health; Pulp and Paper; Quantitative Studies in Economics and Population; Respiratory Health; Science; Social Sciences; Spatial Analysis; Statistics Canada Research Data; Steel; Surgical Invention and Innovation; Surgical Outcomes; Transportation and Logistics; Water, Environment and Health

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  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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    Expand result for Tarbiat Modares University


    Divisions: African Studies; Agriculture; Arts and Architecture; Basic Sciences; Biological Sciences; Biotechnology Products; Chabahar Studies Center; Chemical Engineering; Chemical Engineering Process Products; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Economic Studies; Economics; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Environmental Research Group; Humanities; Industrial Engineering and Systems; Information Technology; Integrated Pest and Disease Management of Oil Crops; Interdisciplinary Science and Technology; International Research on Persian Language and Literature; Iran Management and Productivity Study Center; Iran Power System Engineering Research Center; Law; Management and Development of Technology; Management and Economics; Mathematical Sciences; Mechanical engineering; Medical Sciences; Natural Resources and Marine Sciences; Persian Language and Literature; Recycling and Losses of Strategic Agricultural Products; Religious Culture and Thought Research Center; Technical and Engineering; Water Engineering

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  • Malaysia

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    Expand result for University Putra Malaysia    

    Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

    Divisions: Advanced Technology; Agricultural and Food Policy Studies; Agriculture; Agriculture and Food Sciences (UPMKB); Bioscience; Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences; Business; Computer Science and Information Technology; Design and Architecture; Economics and Management; Educational Studies; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Food Science and Technology; Forestry; Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science; Gerontology; Graduate Studies; Halal Product Research; Human Ecology; Mathematical Research; Medicine and Health Sciences; Modern Languages and Communication; Science; Social Science Studies; Sports; Tropical Agriculture; Tropical Forestry and Forest Product; Veterinary Medicine

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  • Malaysia

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    Expand result for University Sains Malaysia    

    Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

    Divisions: Archaeological Research; Arts; Biological Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Communication; Computer Science; Distance Education; Drug Research; Educational Studies; Engineering; Health; Higher Education Research; Housing, Building and Planning; Humanities; Industrial Technology; Information Technology; Instructional Technology and Media; Islamic Centre; Languages, Literacies and Translation; Management; Marine and Coastal Studies; Mathematical Sciences; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Physics; Policy Research and International Studies; Research in Molecular Medicine; Social Sciences; Women's Studies and Youth Development

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  • Mexico

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    Expand result for Technological University of the Mixteca    

    Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca (UTM)

    Divisions: Agroindustry; Computer Science; Design Engineering; Electronics and Mechatronics; Hydrology; Mining; Physics and Mathematics; Postgraduate; Social Sciences and Humanities

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  • Thailand

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    Expand result for Asian Institute of Technology    

    Sataban Technology Haeng Asia (AIT)

    Divisions: Engineering and Technologies; Environment, Resources and Development; Management

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  • Ukraine

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    Expand result for National Aerospace University-Kharkiv Aviation Institute    

    Nacional'nij Aerokosmichnij Universytet im. M. Ye. Zhukovskogo ‘Kharkivskyi Aviatsijniy Instytut’ (KhAI)

    Divisions: Aircraft Building; Aircraft Control Systems; Aircraft Engines; Correspondence Studies; Humanities; Physical Modelling; Radioelectronics, Computer Systems and Telecommunications; Rocket and Space Technology; Software Engineering and Business

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  • Armenia

    Expand result for Armenian State Agrarian University

    Hayastani Petakan Agrarayin Hamalsaran – Armenian National Agricultural University (ASAU)

    Divisions: Agribusiness and Marketing; Agriculture Mechanization and Automobile Transportation; Agronomy; Economics; Foodstuff Technologies; Hydro Melioration, Land Management and Land Cadastre; Veterinary Medicine and Sanity Expertize

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  • Australia

    Expand result for Swinburne University of Technology


    Divisions: Advanced Internet Architectures; Astrophysics and Superconducting; Atom Optics and Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy; Business and Enterprise; Business and Management Research; e-Business and Communication; Emerging Technologies and Society; Environment and Biotechnology; Gender and Cultural Diversity; Health, Arts and Design; Imaging and Applied Optics; Intelligent Systems and Complex Processes; International Agents and Multi Agent Systems; Internet Computing and e-Business; Mathematical Modelling; Microphotonics; Molecular Stimulation; Neuropsychology; Psychological Services; Sarawak; Science, Engineering and Technology; Software Engineering; Technical and Further Education

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