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  • Nigeria

    Expand result for Abia State University


    Divisions: Agriculture; Biological and Physical Sciences; Business Administration; Education; Environmental Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; Law; Medicine and Health Sciences; Postgraduate Studies

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  • United States of America - New York

    Expand result for Adelphi University

    Divisions: Advanced Psychological Studies; Arts and Sciences ; Business; Distance Learning; Education; Honours; Nursing and Public Health; Social Work ; Special Academic Studies; University College for the Working Adults

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  • India

    Expand result for Adesh University

    Divisions: Dental Sciences and Research; Medical Sciences and Research; Nursing; Paramedical Sciences; Pharmacy; Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences; Physiotherapy

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  • United States of America - Kentucky

    Expand result for Alice Lloyd College

    Divisions: Business and Entrepreneurship; Education; Humanities; Natural Sciences and Mathematics; Pre-Professional Studies; Social Sciences

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  • United States of America - Michigan

    Expand result for Alma College

    Divisions: Humanities; Integrated Health; Natural Sciences; Pre-Professional Studies; Social Sciences

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  • United States of America - Massachusetts

    Expand result for American International College


    Divisions: Business, Arts and Sciences; Graduate and Adult Education; Health Sciences

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  • Lebanon

    IAU Member

    Expand result for American University of Science and Technology


    Divisions: Arts and Science; Business and Economics; Health Sciences

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  • Palestine

    IAU Member

    Expand result for An-Najah National University


    Divisions: Energy Research; Agriculture; Arts; Biological, Chemical and Drug Analysis; Central Medical; Community; Community Service; Computer Science; Construction and Transportation Research; Continuing Education; Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering; Economics and Administration; Educational Sciences and Psychology; Engineering; Fine Arts; Graduate Studies; Human Medicine and Health Sciences; Human Rights and Democracy; Information Technology; Islamic Law (Shari'a); Law; Measurement and Evaluation; Opinion Polls and Survey Studies; Poison Control and Drug Information; Science; Study of Involuntary Migration; Technology; Urban and Regional Planning; Veterinary Medicine; Water and Environmental Studies

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  • United Kingdom

    Expand result for Anglia Ruskin University


    Divisions: Arts, Law and Social Sciences; Health, Social Care and Education; International Business; Medical Science; Science and Technology

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  • Colombia

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Antonio Nariño University

    Universidad Antonio Nariño (UAN)

    Divisions: Arts; Business Administration; Civil Engineering; Economics and International Business; Education; Electronic and Biomedical Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Law; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine; Nursing; Odontology; Optometry; Psychology; Psychosocial Therapies; Public Accountancy; Sciences; Systems Engineering; Veterinary Medicine

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