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  • Cabo Verde

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    Expand result for University of Cape Verde    

    Universidade de Cabo Verde – Université du Cap-Vert (Uni-CV)

    Divisions: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Business and Government; Engineering and Marine Sciences; Science and Technology; Social Sciences and Humanities

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  •   IAU-020014  
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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    Expand result for University of Applied Science and Technology    

    Daneshgah Jame Elmi Karbordi (UAST)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Art and Architecture; Industry; Management and Social Services

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  • Kenya

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    Expand result for University of Nairobi    


    Divisions: Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences; Architecture and Engineering; Biological and Physical Sciences; Education And External Studies; Health Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences

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  • South Africa

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    Expand result for Nelson Mandela University    


    Divisions: Arts; Bird Street; Business and Economic Sciences; Education; Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology; George; Health Sciences; Law; Missionvale; Science; Second Avenue

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  •   IAU-015933  
  • Turkey

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    Expand result for Süleyman Demirel University

    Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi

    Divisions: Agricultural; Agriculture; Arts and Science; Atatürk's Principles and History of the Turkish Revolution; Botanical Field and Herbarium; Cancer Early Diagnosis; Ceramic Studies; Ceramics; Computer Science; Continuous Education; Dentistry; Disabled; Earthquake and Geotechnics; Economics and Administration; Education; Engineering and Architecture; EU Documentation; Fashion Design and Ready-made Clothes; Fine Arts; Fishery and Science; Foreign Language Studies; Forestry; Geothermal Energy, Groundwater and Mineral Resources; Geothermal Energy, Underground Water and Mineral Resources; Health; Medical Sciences; Medicine; Music Culture; Pumice; Radio TV; Remote Sensing; Renewable Energy Resources; Rose and Rose Products; Science; Social Sciences; Sports Science; Strategic Research and Application; Technical Education; Technological Materials and Calibration; Theology; Turkish Language; Turkish Language Studies; Vocational; Vocational Education; Women Studies

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  •   IAU-018047  
  • Argentina

    Expand result for National University of Lanús

    Universidad Nacional de Lanús (UNLa)

    Divisions: Arts and Humanities; Community Health ; Planning and Public Policy; Production and Technology

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  •   IAU-007106  
  • Armenia

    Expand result for Armenian State Agrarian University

    Hayastani Petakan Agrarayin Hamalsaran – Armenian National Agricultural University (ASAU)

    Divisions: Agribusiness and Marketing; Agriculture Mechanization and Automobile Transportation; Agronomy; Economics; Foodstuff Technologies; Hydro Melioration, Land Management and Land Cadastre; Veterinary Medicine and Sanity Expertize

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  •   IAU-010341  
  • Bangladesh

    Expand result for Khulna University of Engineering and Technology


    Divisions: Civil Engineering; Disaster Management; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Environment and Power Technology; Information and Communication Technology; Mechanical Engineering

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  •   IAU-020135  
  • Bangladesh

    Expand result for University of Dhaka

    Dhaka Bishwabidyalaya (DU)

    Divisions: Arts; Biological Sciences ; Business Administration ; Business Studies; Confucius Institute; Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Education; Education and Research; Energy; Engineering and Technology; Fine Arts; Health Economics; Information Technology; Law ; Leather Engineering and Technology; Medicine; Modern Languages; Nutrition and Food Science ; Pharmacy; Postgraduate Medical Sciences and Research; Science; Social Sciences; Social Welfare and Research; Statistical Research and Training

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  •   IAU-007337  
  • Bulgaria

    Expand result for University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

    Himiko-tehnologičen i metalurgičen universitet (UCTM)

    Divisions: Chemical Sciences; Chemical Systems Engineering; Chemical Technology; Humanitarian Sciences; Metallurgy and Material Sciences; Physics-mathematical and Tehnical sciences

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