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  • Moldova

    Expand result for Alecu Russo Balti State University

    Universitatea de Stat Alecu Russo din Bălţi – Université d'Etat Alecu Russo de Bălţi (ARUB)

    Divisions: "Ion Creangă" Pedagogical College; "Ion Creangă" Theoretical Lycee; Distance and Continuing Education; Educational Sciences, Psychology and Arts; Exact, Economic and Environmental Sciences; Human Sciences; Inter-institutional Innovations and Nanotechnologies; Law and Social Sciences; Natural Sciences; Philology; Science and Economics

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  • Poland

    Expand result for Aleksander Gieysztor Academy of Humanities, Pułtusk

    Akademia Humanistyczna im. Aleksandra Gieysztora (WSH)

    Divisions: Administrative Studies; Education; History; Polish Language and Literature; Political Science; Sociology

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  • Mexico

    Expand result for Alfonso Cravioto Institute of Advanced Teaching

    Instituto de Enseñanza Superior Alfonso Cravioto

    Divisions: Business Administration

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  • Nigeria

    Expand result for Ambrose Alli University


    Divisions: Agriculture; Arts; Basic Sciences; Clinical Sciences; Education; Engineering and Technology; Environmental Studies; Governance and Development; Law; Management Sciences; Medicine; Natural Sciences; Postgraduate Studies; Social Sciences; Strategic and Development Studies

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  • Paraguay

    Expand result for American University

    Universidad Americana (UA)

    Divisions: Communication, Arts and Technology; Economics and Administration; Law, Political and Social Sciences

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Anadolu University

    Anadolu Üniversitesi – Anatolia University

    Divisions: Aeronautics and Astronautics; Architecture and Design; Arts and Humanities; Business Administration; Civil Aviation; Communication Sciences; Disability Research; Distance Education; Economics; Economics and Administrative Science; Education; Educational Sciences; Engineering and Architecture; Fine Arts; Foreign Languages; Health Sciences; Industrial Arts; Law; Music and Drama; Pharmacy; Satellite and Space Science; Science; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Special Education; Sport Sciences; Tourism

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  • India

    Expand result for Andhra University

    Divisions: Arts and Commerce; Engineering; Law; Pharmacy; Science and Technology

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Ankara University

    Ankara Üniversitesi

    Divisions: Accelerator Technologies; African Studies; Aging Studies; Agriculture; Ankara Studies; Applied Sciences; Astronomy and Space Sciences; Autistic Children Diagnosis and Treatment; Başkent; Beypazari; Biotechnology; Brain Research; Child and Youth Culture; Children's and Youth Literature; Communication; Communication Sciences; Cyprus Studies; Dentistry; Development Studies; Earthquake Studies; Educational Sciences; Elmadağ; Engineering ; Environmental Problems; European Union; Fertility Diagnosis and Treatment; Fishery Products; Foreign Languages; Forensic Medicine; Geography of Turkey; Haymana; Health Sciences; Hepatology; Human Resources and Career Consultancy; Humanities; Intellectual and Industrial Rights; Justice; Kalecik; Latin American Studies; Law; Medicine; Natural and Applied Sciences; Nuclear Sciences; Oncology; Ottoman History; Pharmacy; Political Sciences; Psychiatric Crisis; Research Institute of Forensic Medicine; Small Enterprises and Entrepreneurship ; Social Sciences; Southeast Europe Studies; Special Education; Sport Sciences; State Conservatory; Stem Cell; Strategic Research; Technical Education ; Theology; Turkish and Foreign Languages; Turkish Revolution History; Underwater Archeological Studies; Veterinary Science; Water Administration; Water Management; Women's Studies

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  • Argentina

    Expand result for Argentine Business University

    Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)

    Divisions: Business ; Communication and Design; Economics; Engineering and Applied Sciences; Law and Social Sciences

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  • Argentina

    Expand result for Arturo Jauretche National University

    Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche (UNAJ)

    Divisions: Engineering and Agronomy; Health Sciences; Social Sciences and Administration

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