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  • Nigeria

    Expand result for Ahmadu Bello University


    Divisions: Administration; Agriculture; Arts; Computer; Disaster Risk Management and Development Studies; Education; Energy Research and Training; Engineering; Environmental Design; Equipment Maintenance and Development; Islamic Legal Studies; Law; Medicine; National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services; Pharmaceutical Science; Postgraduate; Science; Social Science; Veterinary Medicine

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  • Egypt

    Expand result for Ain Shams University

    Divisions: Agriculture; Al-Alsun; Arts; Commerce; Computer and Information Science; Dentistry; Education; Engineering; Environmental Studies and Research; Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology; Law; Medicine; Middle East; Nursing; Papyrus Studies; Pharmacy; Postgraduate Childhood Studies; Public Service and Development; Science; Science Education Development; Scientific Computing; Specific Education; University Education Development; Vectors of Diseases; Women for Arts, Science and Education

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  • Jordan

    Expand result for Al Al-Bayt University

    Jami'at Al Al-Bayt

    Divisions: Arts and Humanities; Astronomy and Space Sciences; Bayt al-Hikmah; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Educational Sciences; Engineering; Finance and Business Administration; Information Technology; Islamic Studies; Law; Nursing; Science; Sharia

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  • Lebanon

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Al Imam Al Ouzai University

    Jamiat Al-imam Al-Ouzai

    Divisions: Islamic Business Administration; Islamic Studies; Supervision of Food Products

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  • Libya

    Expand result for Al Zawiya University

    Jamaa't Azzawia

    Divisions: Arts; Economics and Accountancy; Engineering; Law; Medical Sciences; Natural Resources; Pharmacy; Physical Education and Sports; Sciences

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  • Yemen

    Expand result for Al-Ahgaff University

    Divisions: Commercial Sciences and Business Administration; Engineering and Computer Science; Medicine and Health Sciences; Sharia; Women

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  • Iraq

    Expand result for Al-Anbar University

    Divisions: Agriculture; Arts; Computer; Dentistry; Economics and Administration; Education; Education - Humanities; Education - Pure Sciences; Education - Qaim; Engineering; Islamic Sciences; Law and Political Sciences; Medicine; Physical Education; Science; Veterinary Medicine

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  • Indonesia

    Expand result for Al-Asyariah Mandar University

    Universitas Al-Asyariah Mandar (Unasman)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Communication Studies; Computer Engineering; Economic Law; Education; Government; Indonesian; Mathematics

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  • Egypt

    Expand result for Al-Azhar University

    Divisions: Agriculture; Arabic Language; Childhood Disabilities; Commerce ; Commerce; Dentistry; Education; Engineering ; Genetic Engineering; Heart Diseases and Surgery; Islamic and Arab Studies; Islamic Call; Islamic Commercial Studies; Islamic Jurisprudence and Law; Islamic Studies; Islamic Theology; Languages and Translation ; Medicine; Mycology and Biotechnology; Pharmacy; Population Studies; Sciences

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  • Palestine

    Expand result for Al-Azhar University - Gaza

    Jame'at Al-Azhar Bi Ghazza – Jame'at Al-Azhar Bi Ghazza (AUG)

    Divisions: Agriculture and Environment; Applied Medical Sciences; Arts and Human Sciences; Dentistry; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education ; Engineering and Information Technology; Law; Medicine; Pharmacy; Science; Sharia

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