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  • Ukraine

    Expand result for Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolajiv

    Nacional'nij Universitet Korablebuduwannia im. Admirala Makarova (NUS)

    Divisions: Advanced Energy Technology; Applied Research in Energetics; Economics; Electrical Techniques and Automation; External and Distance Tuition; Humanities; Mechanical Engineering; Postgraduate and Secondary Education; Shipbuilding

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  • Cameroon

    Expand result for Advanced Institute of Computer Science and Communication

    Institut supérieur de l'Informatique et de la Communication (ISICOM)

    Divisions: Computer and Telecommunication Engineering; Industry and Technology; Management

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  • Philippines

    Expand result for Aklan State University


    Divisions: Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Sciences; Arts and Sciences; ASU Ibajay; ASU Kalibo; ASU Makato; ASU New Washington; Fisheries and Marine Sciences; Hospitality and Rural Resources Management; Industrial Technology; Management Sciences; Teacher Education; Veterinary Medicine

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  • Iraq

    Expand result for Al-Rafidain University College

    Divisions: Accounting; Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Polyechnics; Business Administration; Computer and Telecommunications Engineering; Computer Engineering; Computer Information Systems; Computer Science; Dentistry; Law; Operations Research; Software Engineering; Statistics and Informatics

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  • Canada - Ontario

    Expand result for Algonquin College

    Divisions: Advanced Technology; Algonquin; Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence; Algonquin College Heritage; Business; Career and Academic Access; General Arts and Science; Health and Community Studies; Hospitality and Tourism; Language; Media and Design; Police and Public Safety; Transportation and Building Trades

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  • Russian Federation

    Expand result for Almetievsk State Oil Institute

    Al'metievskij Gosudarstvennyj Neftianoj Institut

    Divisions: Economics and Management; Energy and Automation; Mechanical Engineering; Oil and Gas Engineering

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  • Palestine

    IAU Member

    Expand result for An-Najah National University


    Divisions: Energy Research; Agriculture; Arts; Biological, Chemical and Drug Analysis; Central Medical; Community; Community Service; Computer Science; Construction and Transportation Research; Continuing Education; Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering; Economics and Administration; Educational Sciences and Psychology; Engineering; Fine Arts; Graduate Studies; Human Medicine and Health Sciences; Human Rights and Democracy; Information Technology; Islamic Law (Shari'a); Law; Measurement and Evaluation; Opinion Polls and Survey Studies; Poison Control and Drug Information; Science; Study of Involuntary Migration; Technology; Urban and Regional Planning; Veterinary Medicine; Water and Environmental Studies

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  • India

    Expand result for Arunachal University of Studies


    Divisions: Agriculture Sciences; Arts and Social Science; Buddhist Studies; Commerce and Management; Education; Engineering and Technology; Journalism and Mass Communication; Legal Studies; Library and Information Science; Music and Fine Arts; Paramedical Sciences; Physical Education; Science; Skill Development andVocational Studies; Social Work; Special Education

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  • Russian Federation

    Expand result for Azov-Black Sea State Agro-Engineering Academy

    Azovo-Černomorskaja Gosudarstvennaja Agroinženernaja Akademija (ACHGAA)

    Divisions: Agricultural Technology; Economics; Engineering; Transport

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  • Russian Federation

    Expand result for Baltic State Fishing Fleet Academy

    Baltijskaja Gosudarstvennaja Akademija Rybopromyslovogo Flota (BGA)

    Divisions: Business Administration; Data Processing and Control Systems; Distance Learning; English; History, Philosophy and Social Studies; Marine Engineering; Marine Radio Engineering Systems; Marine Safety; Marketing and Commerce; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Metal Technology and Ship Repair; Navigation; Physics; Radio Engineering; Refrigeration Technology, Electrical Equipment and Ship Control Systems; Ship Propulsion Plants; Theory and Ship Operations; Theory of Economics; Theory of Radio Technology; Transport Management

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