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  • Mexico

    Expand result for 21st Century University Centre

    Centro Universitario Siglo XXI

    Divisions: Accountancy; Communication; Computer Systems; Education; Food and Beverage Management; Gastronomy; Human Resource Management; International Business; Journalism; Law; Marketing; Pedagogy; Teacher Training; Tourism

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Abant Izzet Baysal University

    Abant Izzet Baysal Üniversitesi (AIBU)

    Divisions: Agriculture and Natural Sciences; Applied Sciences; Arts and Science; Communications; Dentistry; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Educaitonal Sciences; Education ; Engineering and Architecture; Fine Arts; Foreign Languages; Health Care; Health Sciences; Medicine; Natural Sciences; Physical Education and Sports; Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation; Social Sciences; Theology; Tourism and Hotel Management; Vocational

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  • Cyprus

    Expand result for AC American College

    Divisions: Business Administration; Hotel Management

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  • Moldova

    Expand result for Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

    Academia de Studii Economice a Moldovei (ASEM)

    Divisions: Accounting; Business Management and Administration; Commerce; Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics; Doctoral Studies; Economics and Business Excellence; Economics and Law; Finance; International Economic Relations

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  • Poland

    Expand result for Academy of Hotel Management and Catering

    Wyższa Szkoła Hotelarstwa i Gastronomii w Poznaniu (WSHiG)

    Divisions: Hospitality and Catering; Management and Marketing; Tourism and Recreation

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  • Ghana

    Expand result for Accra Institute of Technology

    Divisions: Advanced Systems and Data Studies; Advanced Technology and Engineering Sciences; Business

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Acibadem University

    Acibadem Üniversitesi (ACU)

    Divisions: Arts and Science; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Engineering; Health Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacy; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Vocational

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Adnan Menderes University

    Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi

    Divisions: Agriculture; Arts and Science; Business Administration; Communication; Dentistry; Economics; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education; Engineering; Foreign Languages; Health; Health Science; Health Sciences; Medicine; Natural and Applied Science; Nursing; Physical Education and Sports; Social Sciences; State; Tourism and Hotel Management; Veterinary Science

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  • Turkey

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Afyon Kocatepe University

    Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi

    Divisions: Applied Sciences; Dentistry; Economics and Administratiive Sciences; Education ; Educational Sciences; Engineering; Fine Arts; Foreign Languages; Health; Health Sciences; Islamic Studies; Law; Medicine; Natural and Applied Sciences; Pharmacy; Physical Education and Sports; Science And Literature; Social Sciences; State Conservatory; Technical Education; Technology; Tourism; Veterinary Science

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  • Chile

    Expand result for AIEP Professional Institute

    Instituto Profesional AIEP

    Divisions: Aesthetics; Business; Communication Studies; Construction and Civil Works; Costume Design; Design and Advertising; Food, Hospitality and Tourism; Health Sciences; Information Technology; Social Development; Sound Engineering and Television; Sports

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