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  • Eswatini

    IAU Member

    Expand result for University of Eswatini    


    Divisions: Agriculture; Commerce; Consultancy and Training Centre; Distance Education; Education; Entrepreneurship and Business Development; Health Sciences; Humanities; Postgraduate Studies; Research in Traditional Medicine, Medicinal and Indigenous Food Plants; Science; Social Sciences

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  •   IAU-010944  
  • Italy

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    Expand result for IULM University of Languages and Communication

    Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM

    Divisions: Arts, Cultures and Comparative Literatures; Arts,Tourism and Markets; Communication Studies; Communication, Public Relations and Advertising; Consumption and Business Communication; Economics and Marketing; Human and Environmental Sciences; Interpretation, Translation, Linguistic, and Cultural studies; Law, Communication and Information Sciences

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  •   IAU-019933  
  • Malaysia

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    Expand result for University Putra Malaysia    

    Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

    Divisions: Advanced Technology; Agricultural and Food Policy Studies; Agriculture; Agriculture and Food Sciences (UPMKB); Bioscience; Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences; Business; Computer Science and Information Technology; Design and Architecture; Economics and Management; Educational Studies; Engineering; Environmental Studies; Food Science and Technology; Forestry; Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science; Gerontology; Graduate Studies; Halal Product Research; Human Ecology; Mathematical Research; Medicine and Health Sciences; Modern Languages and Communication; Science; Social Science Studies; Sports; Tropical Agriculture; Tropical Forestry and Forest Product; Veterinary Medicine

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  •   IAU-018136  
  • Argentina

    Expand result for University of Notarial Studies

    Universidad Notarial Argentina (UNA)

    Divisions: Administrative Law; Civil Law; Commercial Law; Comparative and Integrative Law; Constitutional Law; Consumer Law; Copyright; Customary Law; Environmental Law; International Private Law; Justice Studies; Law; Law and Mass Communication; Minorities Rights; Notarial Computer Systems; Notarial Further Training; Notarial History; Notarial Law; Notarial Management; Notarial Studies; Public, Provincial, Municipal Law and Town Planning

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  •   IAU-001333  
  • Azerbaijan

    Expand result for Azerbaijan University of Technology

    Divisions: Consumer Products Technology and Expertise; Economics and Management; Food Production and Tourism; Standardization and Technological Machinery

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  •   IAU-005319  
  • Brazil

    Expand result for Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Leste de Minas

    Faculdade de Direito e Ciências Sociais do Lests de Minas (FADILESTE)

    Divisions: Graduate Studies; Law

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  •   IAU-006117  
  • Brazil

    Expand result for Integrated Faculties of Cruzeiro

    Faculdades Integradas de Cruzeiro (FIC)

    Divisions: Administration; Geography; History; Letters; Pedagogy

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  •   IAU-005993  
  • Brazil

    Expand result for SENAI-CETIQT Faculty


    Divisions: Chemical Engineering; Design; Production Engineering; Textile Engineering; Visual Arts

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  •   IAU-018540  
  • Brazil

    Expand result for University of the Region of Joinville

    Universidade da Região de Joinville (UNIVILLE)

    Divisions: Accountancy; Advertising and Publicity; Architecture; Biological and Life Sciences; Business Administration; Business and Commerce; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Cooking and Catering; Dentistry; Design; Economics; Electrical Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Studies; Fashion Design; Finance; History; Information Technology; Interior Design; International Business; Law; Letters; Marine Biology; Marine Transport; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine; Nursing; Pedagogy; Pharmacy; Photography; Physical Education; Production Engineering; Psychology; Sanitary Engineering; Science Education; Software Engineering; Town Planning; Transport Management; Visual Arts

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  •   IAU-019703  
  • Canada - Quebec / Québec

    Expand result for University of Quebec at Montreal

    Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

    Divisions: Aesthetics and Poetics; Arts; Biological Interactions between Health and the Environment; BIOMED; Canada Research Chair in Environmental Education; Cognition Neuroscience; Cognitive Science; Cognitive Sciences; Communication; Computer Mathematics and Combinatory Laboratory; Continental Integration; CRILICQ; Differential Geometry and Topology; Education and Health; Educational Sciences; Environment Toxicology; Environmental Sciences; Fashion; Feminist Research and Studies; FIGURA; Forestry Research; Geochemistry and Geodynamics; Globalization and International Studies; Globalization, Citizenship and Democracy; Health and Society; Humanities, Arts and Traditions; Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Diversity in Quebec; International and Comparative Consumer Law; International Center for Tourism Education and Research; International Law and Globalization; Limnology and Marine Environment Research; Management; Mediatic Arts; Mining Activities in Africa; Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communications; Political Imaginaries in Latin America; Political Science and Law; Public Relations and Marketing Communications; Quebec and Canadian Studies; Regional Climate Modelling; Research on Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship; Risk, Economic Policies and Employment; Science and Technology; Sciences; Social Economy; Social Innovations; Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development; Social Sciences; Socioterritorial Conflict and Local Governance; Strategic and Diplomatic Studies; Studies and Research on Brazil; The Montreal Institute of International Studies; Tourism; UNESCO Chair for the Study of the Philosophical Foundations of Justice and Democratic Society; UNESCO Chair in Communication and technology for the development; UNESCO Chair in Global Environmental Change; Urban Heritage

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