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  • Austria

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    Expand result for University of Graz    

    Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

    Divisions: Arts and Humanties; Business, Economics and Social Sciences; Catholic Theology; Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences; Law; Natural Sciences

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  • Czech Republic

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    Expand result for Charles University in Prague    

    Univerzita Karlova v Praze (UK)

    Divisions: Catholic Theological Faculty; Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education; Center for Theoretical Study; Computer Science Centre; Environment Center; Faculty of Arts; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Humanities; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Mathematics and Physics; Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove; Faculty of Medicine in Plzen; Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove; Faculty of Physical Education and Sport; Faculty of Science; Faculty of Social Sciences; First Faculty of Medicine; History of Charles University and Archive of Charles University; Hussite Theological Faculty; Language and Preparatory Studies; Protestant Theological Faculty; Second Faculty of Medicine; Third Faculty of Medicine

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  • Finland

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    Expand result for University of Helsinki    

    Helsingin yliopisto – Helsingsfors universitet

    Divisions: Advanced Studies; Agriculture and Forestry; Arts; Behavioural Sciences; Biological and Environmental Sciences; Biotechnology; Continuing Education; Economic Research; Genome; Information Technology; Language; Law; Medicine; Molecular Medicine - Finland; Neurosciences; Pharmacy; Physics; Ruralia; Russian and East European Studies; Science; Seismology; Social Sciences; Theology; Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention; Veterinary Medicine

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  • Lebanon

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    Expand result for Saint-Joseph University    

    Université Saint-Joseph (USJ)

    Divisions: Agro-industry; Arabic Research and Studies; Arabic Terminology; Archeology; Arts and Humanities; Banking; Biochemistry; Bioequivalence and Medicament Control; Biostatical and Medical Epidemiology; Business Administration; Business Administration and Management; Cartography; Chemistry and Physics; Christian Arabs; Communication and Information; Confucius; Construction; Dentistry; E-learning Technologies; Economics; Education ; Electrical Industries and Telecommunications; Engineering; Ethics; Euro-Lebanese Intercultural Studies; European Union Studies; Experimental Psychology; Health and Social Protection; Human Hispathology; Insurance Studies; Islamic-Christian Studies; Japanese; Law and Political Science; Medical Computer Science; Medical Genetics; Medical Laboratory Techniques; Medicine; Mediterranean Agronomy; Michel Henry; Middle East Markets; Midwifery; Mineralized Tissues; Modelling and Information Technology; Modern Arab World Studies; Modern Languages; Molecular Biology; Nursing; Open University; Oriental Literature; Pharmacology; Pharmacy; Physiology; Physiotherapy; Political Science; Psychomotricity; Religious Interpretation; Religious Sciences; Rights of the Arab World; Science; Social Work Training; Socio-economical Reality; Speech Therapy; Teachers; Teaching Pedagogy; Teledetection; Theatre, Audiovisual and Film Studies; Tourism; Toxicology; Translation and Interpretation; Water and Environment

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  • Nigeria

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    Expand result for University of Ilorin    


    Divisions: Agriculture; Arts; Communication and Information Sciences; Education; Engineering and Technology; Health Sciences; Law; Life Sciences; Management Sciences; Peace and Strategic Studies; Pharmaceutical Science; Postgraduate Studies; Science; Veterinary Medicine

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  • South Africa

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    Expand result for University of South Africa    

    University of South Africa - Universiteit van Suid-Afrika (UNISA)

    Divisions: Accounting Sciences; Agriculture and Environmental Science; Economics and Management Sciences; Education; Graduate School of Business Leadership; Graduate Studies; Human Sciences; Law; Science, Engineering and Technology

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  • Sweden

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    Expand result for Stockholm University    

    Stockholms universitet (SU)

    Divisions: Humanities; Law; Science; Social Sciences

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  • Sweden

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    Expand result for University of Gothenburg    

    Göteborgs universitet (GU)

    Divisions: Arts; Business, Economics and Law; Education; Fine, Applied and Performing Arts; Information Technology; Science; Social Sciences; Teacher Training; The Sahlgrenska Academy

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  • Ukraine

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    Expand result for National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv    

    Kiivs'kij Natsional'nij Universitet imeni Tarasa Ševčenko

    Divisions: Biology and Medicine; Chemistry ; Computer Science and Cybernetics; Continuing Education; Economics; Geography; Geology; High Technologies; History; Information Technology; International Relations ; Journalism ; Law ; Management State Guard of Ukraine; Mechanics and Mathematics; Military Science; Philology; Philosophy ; Physics; Psychology; Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems; Sociology

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  • Bangladesh

    Expand result for University of Dhaka

    Dhaka Bishwabidyalaya (DU)

    Divisions: Arts; Biological Sciences ; Business Administration ; Business Studies; Confucius Institute; Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Education; Education and Research; Energy; Engineering and Technology; Fine Arts; Health Economics; Information Technology; Law ; Leather Engineering and Technology; Medicine; Modern Languages; Nutrition and Food Science ; Pharmacy; Postgraduate Medical Sciences and Research; Science; Social Sciences; Social Welfare and Research; Statistical Research and Training

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