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  • Egypt

    Expand result for Al-Azhar University

    Divisions: Agriculture; Arabic Language; Childhood Disabilities; Commerce ; Commerce; Dentistry; Education; Engineering ; Genetic Engineering; Heart Diseases and Surgery; Islamic and Arab Studies; Islamic Call; Islamic Commercial Studies; Islamic Jurisprudence and Law; Islamic Studies; Islamic Theology; Languages and Translation ; Medicine; Mycology and Biotechnology; Pharmacy; Population Studies; Sciences

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  • Sudan

    Expand result for Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University

    Jameat Al-Ziem Al-Azhari (AAU-Sudan)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Basic Education; Computer Science and Information Technology; Economics and Administration; Education ; Engineering; Information and Network Technology; Information Technology and Linguistics; Medical and Health Education Development; Medical Laboratory Sciences; Medical Technical Sciences; Medicine; Political Science and Strategic Studies; Postgraduate Studies; Public Health; Radiology Science and Medical Imaging; Shari'a and Law; Sudanese and International Studies; Technical and Developmental Studies; Tourism and Hospitality; Urban Sciences

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  • Moldova

    Expand result for Alecu Russo Balti State University

    Universitatea de Stat Alecu Russo din Bălţi – Université d'Etat Alecu Russo de Bălţi (ARUB)

    Divisions: "Ion Creangă" Pedagogical College; "Ion Creangă" Theoretical Lycee; Distance and Continuing Education; Educational Sciences, Psychology and Arts; Exact, Economic and Environmental Sciences; Human Sciences; Inter-institutional Innovations and Nanotechnologies; Law and Social Sciences; Natural Sciences; Philology; Science and Economics

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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Expand result for American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Americki Univerzitet u Bosni i Hercegovini (AUBiH)

    Divisions: Economics; Government; International Law; Modern Art; Research and Development; Technology

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  • Hungary

    Expand result for Andrássy University Budapest

    Andrássy Universität Budapest

    Divisions: Diplomacy; Economics; History and Cultural Studies; Law; Political sciences

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  • Czech Republic

    Expand result for Anglo-American University

    Anglo-Americká vysoká škola, z. ú. (AAVŠ)

    Divisions: Business Administration; Humanities and Social Sciences; International Relations and Diplomacy; Journalism; Law

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  • Israel

    Expand result for Bar-Ilan University

    Divisions: Advanced Technology; Advanced Torah Studies ; Advancement of Religious Education; Alzheimer's Disease; American Literature; Assyriology; Cancer, AIDS and Immunology; Cell Scan for the Early Detection of Cancer; Commercial Law ; Comparative Law ; Computerized Data in Jewish Studies; Defence and Peace Economics; Dyslexia and Reading Disorders; Economic Structures of Jewish Communities; Economics; Economy of Israel; European Community; Exact Sciences; Family; History of Jewish Bible; History of Oriental Jewry; History of the Land of Israel and its Settlements; Holocaust Literature; Humanities; International Policy and Communications; Israel-Diaspora Relations; Israeli Economy and Society; Jerusalem Studies; Jewish Education in the Diaspora; Jewish Studies; Jewish Thought; Land of Israel Studies; Latin American Development; Law; Lexicography; Life Sciences; Life Sciences Applied Research; Literature of the People of Israel; Mathematical Sciences; Medical Diagnostics; Midrasha for Women; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Post-Talmudic Halakhic; Public Communications; Religious Anthropology; Religious Zionism; Shoah; Social Sciences; Sociology of Ethnic Groups ; Strategic Studies; Study and Dissemination of Oral Law; Study of Developmental Disorders in Infants and Young Children; Study of Mountainous Areas in Judea and the Etzion Bloc; Study of Women in Judaism; Teaching of Sciences; Yiddish Culture

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  • Indonesia

    Expand result for Bengkulu University

    Universitas Bengkulu (UNIB)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Economics; Education and Teacher Training; Engineering; Law; Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Medicine; Postgraduate Studies; Social and Political Sciences

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  • Egypt

    Expand result for Benha University


    Divisions: Agriculture; Applied Arts; Arts; Commerce; Computers and Informatics; Education; Engineering (Benha); Engineering (Shoubra); Law; Medicine; Nursing; Physical Education; Science; Specific Education; Veterinary Science

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  • United Kingdom

    Expand result for BPP University

    Divisions: Business; Health; Law

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