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  • Morocco

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Mohammed V of Rabat    

    Université Mohammed V de Rabat – Jamiât Mohammed Al-Khâmiss (UM5R)

    Divisions: African studies - IEA; Arts and Humanities; Computer Science and System Analysis; Dentistry; Education; Engineering - EMI (Mohammadia); Law, Economics and Social Sciences; Medicine and Pharmacy; Science; Scientific Research - IURS; Scientific Studies - IS; Spanish and Portuguese Studies - IEHL; Studies and Research for Arabization - IERA; Teachers Training - ENS Rabat; Technology - EST Salé; Technology Education - ENSET Rabat

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  •   IAU-010019  
  • Russian Federation

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    Expand result for Southern Federal University

    Južnyj Federalnyj Universitet (SFU)

    Divisions: Architecture; Architecture and Arts; Arts; Arts and Graphics; Automation and Computer Science; Biology and Soils; Chemistry; Economic and Foreign Economic Relations; Economic and Social Systems Management; Economics; Economics, Management and Law; Electronics and Electronic Equipment Engineering; Geology and Geography; High Technologies; History; Information Security; Law; Law and Management; Mathematics and Informatics; Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science; Natural Science; Pedagogic and Practical Psychology; Pedagogy; Philology; Philology and Journalism; Philosophy and Cultural Studies; Physical Culture and Sports; Physics; Psychology; Radio Engineering; Regional Studies; Social and Political Science; Technology

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  •   IAU-010357  
  • Ukraine

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    Expand result for National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv    

    Kiivs'kij Natsional'nij Universitet imeni Tarasa Ševčenko

    Divisions: Biology and Medicine; Chemistry ; Computer Science and Cybernetics; Continuing Education; Economics; Geography; Geology; High Technologies; History; Information Technology; International Relations ; Journalism ; Law ; Management State Guard of Ukraine; Mechanics and Mathematics; Military Science; Philology; Philosophy ; Physics; Psychology; Radiophysics, Electronics and Computer Systems; Sociology

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  •   IAU-011496  
  • Canada - Quebec / Québec

    Expand result for McGill University


    Divisions: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Arts; Continuing Education; Dentistry; Education; Engineering; Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies; Law; Management; Medicine; Montréal Diocesan Theological College; Music; Presbyterian College; Religious Studies; Science; United Theological College (UTC)

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  •   IAU-015299  
  • China

    Expand result for Shenyang Aerospace University

    Divisions: Aerodynamics and Energy Engineering; Aerospace Engineering; Airforce Officials Training; Auto Control; Civil Aviation and Safety Engineering; Computer Science; Design Art; Economics and Management; Electronics Information Engineering; Foreign Languages; Material Science and Engineering; Mechanical and Electrical Engineering; Northern Software; Science

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  •   IAU-021848  
  • China

    Expand result for Zhongyuan University of Technology


    Divisions: Art and Design; Asia-Pacific International; Civil Engineering and Architecture; Computer Science; Continuing Education; Economics and Management; Electronic and Information Engineering; Energy and Environmental Engineering; Fashion Technology; Foreign Languages; Ideological and Political Education; Industrial Training; Information and Business; International Education; Journalism and Communication; Materials and Chemical Engineering; Mechanical and Electronic Engineering; Physical Education; Political Science and Law; Science; Software; Textiles

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  •   IAU-009577  
  • France

    Expand result for International Space University


    Divisions: Master of Space Management; Master of Space Studies; Space Studies Programme

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  •   IAU-012389  
  • India

    Expand result for NALSAR University of Law

    Divisions: Law; Other Studies

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  •   IAU-018777  
  • Italy

    Expand result for University of Florence

    Università degli studi di Firenze

    Divisions: Biomedical Sciences; Humanities and Education; Sciences; Social Sciences; Technology

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  •   IAU-010524  
  • Korea (Republic of)

    Expand result for Korea Aerospace University


    Divisions: Aviation and Management; Engineering; General Studies; Liberal Arts and Sciences

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