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  • Bulgaria

    Expand result for "Todor Kableshkov" University of Transport

    Vische transportno utchilichte "Todor Kablechkov"

    Divisions: Machinery and Construction Technologies in Transport; Telecommunications and Electrical Equipment in Transport; Transport Management

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  • Benin

    Expand result for Abomey-Calavi University

    Université d'Abomey-Calavi (UAC)

    Divisions: Administration and Magistrature; Agronomy; Applied Economics and Management; Arabic Language and Islamic Culture; Arts and Humanities; Economics and Management; Environmental Training and Research for Sustainable Development; Health Sciences; International Trade; Law and Political Science; Mathematics and Physics; Music; Physics and Applied Mathematics; Polytechnic; Science and Technology; Teacher Training; Training and Research in Computer Science; Training and Research on Population; Water

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  • Kazakhstan

    Expand result for Academy of Civil Aviation

    Akademija Graždanskoj Aviatsii

    Divisions: Aviation Engineering and Technology; Transport Management

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  • Philippines

    Expand result for Aeronautical Academy of the Philippines

    Divisions: Aeronautical Engineering; Aircraft Maintenance Technology; Avionics Technology

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  • Niger

    Expand result for African School of Meteorology and Civil Aviation

    École africaine de la Météorologie et de l'Aviation civile (EAMAC)

    Divisions: Air Navigation; Air Transport; Electronics and Computer Science ; Meteorology

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Ağri Ìbrahim Çeçen University

    Ağri Ìbrahim Çeçen Üniversitesi

    Divisions: Animal Production; Arts and Letters; Continuing Education; Economics and Adminstrative Sciences; Education; Foreign Languages; Health; Islamic Sciences; Natural and Applied Sciences; Pharmacy; Physical Education and Sports; Social Sciences; Tourism and Hotel Management; Vocational

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  • Philippines

    Expand result for Air Link International Aviation College

    Divisions: Aerospace Engineering

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  • Turkey

    IAU Member

    Expand result for Akdeniz University

    Akdeniz Üniversitesi (AU)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Applied Sciences; Architecture; Communication; Dentistry; Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education; Educational Sciences; Engineering; Fine Arts; Fines Arts; Fisheries; Foreign Languages; Health Sciences; Law; Literature and Science; Medicine ; Mediterranean Civilisations Research; Natural and Applied Science; Nursing; Organ Transplatation; Phisical Education and Sports; Science; Social Sciences; State; Theology; Tourism; Tourism - Manavgat

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  • China - Taiwan

    Expand result for Aletheia University


    Divisions: Arts and Humanities; Finance and Economics; Graduate ; Management; Mathematical Sciences; Tourism

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  • Turkey

    Expand result for Anadolu University

    Anadolu Üniversitesi – Anatolia University

    Divisions: Aeronautics and Astronautics; Architecture and Design; Arts and Humanities; Business Administration; Civil Aviation; Communication Sciences; Disability Research; Distance Education; Economics; Economics and Administrative Science; Education; Educational Sciences; Engineering and Architecture; Fine Arts; Foreign Languages; Health Sciences; Industrial Arts; Law; Music and Drama; Pharmacy; Satellite and Space Science; Science; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Special Education; Sport Sciences; Tourism

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