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  • Belgium - French Community

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    Expand result for Catholic University of Louvain    

    Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)

    Divisions: Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning; Biological, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering; Economic, Social and Political Sciences and Communication; Engineering; Law and Criminology; Management; Medicine and Dentistry; Motor Science; Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences; Philosophy, Arts and Letters; Psychology and Educational Sciences; Public Health; Science; Theology

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  • Canada - Ontario

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    Expand result for University of Ottawa    

    University of Ottawa - Université d'Ottawa (uOttawa)

    Divisions: Accounting; Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics; Arts; Biopharmaceuticals and Biotechnology; Brain and Mind; Canadian Studies; Catalysis Research and Innovation; Education; Educational and Community Services; Emerging Pathogens; Engineering; Environment; Environmental Law and Global Sustainability; Environmental Microbiology; French Canadian Culture; Governance; Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies; Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management; Health Sciences; Human Rights Research and Education; Interdisciplinary Research on Citizenship and Minorities; International Policy Studies; Law; Law, Technology and Society; Management; Medical Devices Innovation; Medicine; Neural Dynamics; Neuromuscular Disease; Official Languages and Bilingualism; Photonics; Population Health; Prevention of Crime; Professional Training Service; Science; Science, Society and Policy; Social Sciences; Sport in Canadian Society; Systems Biology; Tax; Women's Studies

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  • France

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    Expand result for Catholic University of Paris    

    Institut catholique de Paris

    Divisions: Canon Law; Economics and Social Sciences; Education; French Language and Culture; Letters; Library Science; Philosophy; Physical Education; Psycho-pedagogical Training; Psychology; Religious Studies; Theology

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  • Italy

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    Expand result for University of Rome La Sapienza

    Sapienza Università di Roma

    Divisions: Aerospace Engineering; Architecture ; Architecture; Archive and Library Sciences; Civil and Industrial Engineering; Economics; Law ; Mathematics, Physics, and Natural Sciences ; Medicine and Dentistry; Medicine and Psychology; Pharmacy and Medicine; Philosophy, Letters, Humanities and Oriental Studies; Political Science, Sociology and Communication; Psychology I; Psychology II; Sociology ; Statistics

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  • Kenya

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    Expand result for The Catholic University of Eastern Africa    


    Divisions: Arts and Social Sciences; Canon Law; Commerce; Education; Gaba Campus; Graduate Studies; Kisumu Campus; Law; Library and information Science; Regional Integration and Development; Science; Social Justice and Ethics; Theology

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  • Philippines

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    Expand result for University of Santo Tomas

    Pamantasan ng Santo Tomas – Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas (UST)

    Divisions: Accountancy; Applied Ethics; Architecture; Arts and Letters; Civil Law; Commerce and Business Administration; Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment in the Tropics; Creative Writing and Studies; Ecclesiastical Sciences; Ecclesiastical Studies; Education; Education and Research Development; Engineering; Fine Arts and Design; Graduate; Health Sciences; Medicine and Surgery; Movement Science; Music; Natural Sciences; Nursing; Pharmacy; Physical Education and Athletics; Rehabilitation Sciences; Science; Social Research; Technological Courses; Tourism and Hospitality Management

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  • Argentina

    Expand result for Catholic University of Argentina

    Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires – Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA)

    Divisions: Agriculture; Arts and Music; Bioethics; Canon Law; Chemistry and Engineering; Economics (Mendoza Campus); Economics (Rosario Campus); Humanities; Humanities and Education; Law; Law and Social Sciences; Marriage and Family Studies; Medical Sciences; Philosophy and Letters; Physics, Mathematical Sciences and Engineering; Political Science and International Relations; Psychology and Educational Sciences; Social Communication, Journalism and Advertising; Social Communication, Journalism and Publicity; Social Sciences and Economics; Spirituality and Pastoral Activities; Theology

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  • Austria

    Expand result for Catholic Theological Private University Linz

    Katholisch-Theologische Privat Universität Linz

    Divisions: Arts and Humanities; Philosophy; Theology

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  • Belgium - Flemish Community

    Expand result for Catholic University of Leuven

    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KULeuven)

    Divisions: Agrarian Bio and Environment Ethics; Arts; Bioengineering Sciences; Biomedical Ethics and Law; Business and Economics; Canon Law ; Energy; Engineering; Ethics; Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science; Labour Studies; Language; Law; Medicine; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Philosophy; Psychology and Educational Sciences; Risk and Insurance Studies; Science; Social Sciences; Theology

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  • Brazil

    Expand result for Catholic Insitute of Advanced Studies of Piauí

    Instituto Católico de Estudos Superiores do Piauí (ICESPI)

    Divisions: Philosophy; Theology

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