Misuse of the IAU logo, name and services – World Higher Education Database (WHED) and International Handbook of Universities (IHU)

Please be aware that there are several publications and databases available online appearing to be products of IAU, and are being promoted by individuals allegedly based in Uruguay. Various IAU services are also being promoted, such as our Internationalization Strategy Advisory Service (ISAS).

The IAU website url is https://www.iau-aiu.net and our products, services and information are available only via our website or our authorized publishers, in the case of the International  Handbook of Universities, Palgrave Macmillan. Our WHED Portal is only available on www.whed.net.

These products appear to have been copied direct from genuine IAU publications and SHOULD NOT BE PURCHASED OR ACCESSED.

Any message inviting you to send money to be included in these publications should be ignored. IAU DOES NOT CHARGE institutions to be listed in our database.

The UNESCO logo also appears to have been misappropriated – the extension .vg or .uy following the name of UNESCO does not lead to the website of UNESCO, which is www.unesco.org.

If you have any doubt as to products you may come across appearing to be produced by IAU, please do contact us on centre@iau-aiu.net.

We would also ask you to signal any abusive use of the IAU name and/or logo.