"Neofit Rilski" South-West University Yugo-zapaden universitet "Neofit Rilski" (SWU) 


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Street:66 Ivan Michailov st.


Post Code:2700

Tel.:+359(73) 885-505

Fax:+359(73) 885-516


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Branches in Kjustendil, Dupnica, Targovište, Smoljan

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Founded 1976 as an affiliate faculty of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski University, reorganized as Higher Institute of Education 1983, an independent Institution. Acquired present status and title 1995. Acquired institutional accreditation 2001.

Academic Year

September to June (September-January; February-June)

Admission Requirements

Secondary Education Diploma in Bulgarian (Diploma za zavarsheno sredno obrazovanie); Diploma from High School, translated and legalized in Bulgarian Language

Tuition Fees

International:2,500-3,500 per annum (EUR)



Accrediting Agency

National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Ivan Mirchev

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Trayan Popkochev

Job title:Vice Rector of Educational Activities

International Relations Officer : Georgieva Dobrinka

Job title:Head, International Relations Office

top Divisions

College : Technology

Fields of study:Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Textile Technology

Faculty : Arts

Fields of study:Acting, Art Education, Cinema and Television, Cultural Studies, Dance, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Music Education, Performing Arts, Photography, Singing, Theatre

Faculty : Economics

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Management, Marketing, Tourism

Faculty : Law and History

Fields of study:Administration, Administrative Law, Anthropology, Business Administration, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminology, Finance, Health Administration, History, International Law, International Relations, Law, Medicine, Pedagogy, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Law, Public Relations, Religious Studies, Social Policy, Sociology

Faculty : Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Fields of study:Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Inorganic Chemistry, Mathematics Education, Organic Chemistry, Pedagogy, Physics, Teacher Training

Faculty : Pedagogy

Fields of study:Educational Administration, Humanities and Social Science Education, Modern Languages, Pedagogy, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Social and Community Services, Social Psychology, Special Education, Sports, Technology Education

Faculty : Philology

Fields of study:Applied Linguistics, Bulgarian, English, Foreign Languages Education, Modern Languages, Philology, Slavic Languages

Faculty : Philosophy

Fields of study:Community Health, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychotherapy, Social and Community Services, Social Work, Speech Therapy and Audiology

Faculty : Public Health and Sports

Fields of study:Physical Therapy, Public Health, Social Sciences, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Sports

top Degrees

Profesionalen Bakalavr



Fields of study:Anthropology, Archaeology, Bulgarian, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Dance, Earth Sciences, Economics, Educational Administration, Film, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages Education, History, Journalism, Law, Linguistics, Management, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Health, Public Relations, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Secondary Education, Slavic Languages, Social Work, Sociology, Sports, Teacher Training, Theatre, Tourism, Translation and Interpretation


Fields of study:Administrative Law, Ancient Books, Ancient Civilizations, Applied Mathematics, Archaeology, Archiving, Art Education, Banking, Bulgarian, Cinema and Television, Civil Law, Computer Education, Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Criminal Law, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Dance, Documentation Techniques, Ecology, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Educational Sciences, English, Environmental Management, Film, Finance, Geography, German, History, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Industrial and Production Economics, Industrial Management, Information Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, Insurance, International Law, International Relations, Linguistics, Literature, Management, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Modern History, Music Education, Operations Research, Organic Chemistry, Pedagogy, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Sciences, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Psychology, Public Relations, Science Education, Slavic Languages, Social Welfare, Social Work, Sociology, Special Education, Speech Therapy and Audiology, Surveying and Mapping, Technology Education, Tourism


Some programmes offered in English

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