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Street:223 Main Street



Post Code:K1S 1C4

Tel.:+1(613) 236-1393 +1(800) 637-685

Fax:+1(613) 782-3005


Institution Funding



Founded 1848 as College of Byton. A Federated institution whose degree-granting authority is held in abeyance with the University of Ottawa.

Academic Year

September to April (September-December; January-April). Also Summer Session

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate or recognized equivalent

Tuition Fees

National:Full time Canadian students, Undergraduate tuiton, 2,344.97 per semester. Graduate tuition, 2,500.11 per semester (CAD)



top Officers

Head : Chantal Beauvais

Job title:Rectrice

Senior Administrative Officer : Claudette Dubé-Socqué

Job title:Registrar/Registraire

Senior Administrative Officer : Jean-Marc Barrette

Job title:Vice-Rector Academic and Research

top Divisions

Centre : Ethics

Fields of study:Ethics

Centre : Lonergan

Fields of study:Business Administration, Ethics, Peace and Disarmament, Religion

Centre : Women and Christian Traditions

Fields of study:Bible, Ethics, History, Pastoral Studies, Psychology, Religion, Theology

Faculty : Canon Law

Fields of study:Administration, Canon Law

Faculty : Human Sciences

Fields of study:Communication Studies, Peace and Disarmament, Psychology, Religious Studies

Faculty : Philosophy

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Ethics, Philosophy, Theology

Faculty : Theology

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies, Ethics, Missionary Studies, Pastoral Studies, Religion, Religious Education, Religious Studies, Theology

Institute : Eastern Christian Studies

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies

More details:Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky

Research Division : Conflict

Fields of study:Peace and Disarmament

Research Division : Religious History of Canada

Fields of study:History of Religion

top Degrees

Certificat et diplôme universitaire/University certificate and diploma

Baccalauréat/Bachelor's Degree

Baccalauréat spécialisé/Bachelor’s Degree - Honours

Fields of study:Theology

Maîtrise/Master's Degree

Fields of study:Canon Law, Religious Education, Theology

Diplôme et certificat de 2e cycle/Graduate Diploma and Certificate

Fields of study:Canon Law

Doctorat/Doctoral Degree

Fields of study:Canon Law, Peace and Disarmament, Social Psychology, Theology


Also Honours Bachelor's degree programmes; Ecclesiastical Programmes (Bachelor's degree, Licenciate and Doctorate) in Philosophy.

top Academic Periodicals



Mission, Revue des Sciences de la Mission

Pastoral Sciences-Sciences pastorales

Studia Canonica


Main Press


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