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Street:Calle 58 A No. 37


Tel.:+57(1) 315-2980 /7648


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36 campuses

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Founded 1976. Acquired present status 1993.

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate. State examination and interview



Accrediting Agency

Biomédica-Mexico; Consejo Nacional de Acreditación

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top Officers

Head : Víctor Hugo Prieto Bernal

Job title:Rectora

Senior Administrative Officer : Martha Carvalho Quigua

Job title:Secretaria General

Senior Administrative Officer : Victor Manuel Sierra Naranjo

Job title:Vicerrector Administrativo

International Relations Officer : Javier Cañon Pinto

Job title:Director Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales

top Divisions

Faculty : Arts

Fields of study:Architecture, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Music, Visual Arts

Faculty : Business Administration

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Hotel Management, Human Resources, International Business, International Economics, Public Administration, Service Trades, Tourism

Faculty : Civil Engineering

Fields of study:Civil Engineering

Faculty : Economics and International Business

Fields of study:Economics, International Business

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Art Education, Computer Education, Education, Foreign Languages Education, Humanities and Social Science Education, Mathematics Education, Native Language Education, Preschool Education, Science Education, Technology Education

Faculty : Electronic and Biomedical Engineering

Fields of study:Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Faculty : Environmental Engineering

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering

Faculty : Industrial Engineering

Fields of study:Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Law

Faculty : Mechanical Engineering

Fields of study:Mechanical Engineering

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

Faculty : Nursing

Fields of study:Nursing

Faculty : Odontology

Fields of study:Dentistry

Faculty : Optometry

Fields of study:Optometry

Faculty : Psychology

Fields of study:Psychology

Faculty : Psychosocial Therapies

Fields of study:Psychotherapy, Social Psychology

Faculty : Public Accountancy

Fields of study:Accountancy

Faculty : Sciences

Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Faculty : Systems Engineering

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Software Engineering

Faculty : Veterinary Medicine

Fields of study:Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science

top Degrees

Técnico Profesional


Profesional Universitario


Fields of study:Accountancy, Administration, Administrative Law, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Educational Technology, Electronic Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Industrial Design, International Business, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Public Administration, Software Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Taxation


Fields of study:Automation and Control Engineering, Bioengineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Finance, Health Administration, Instrument Making, International Economics, Mathematics Education, Physical Engineering, Private Law, Social Work, Taxation


Fields of study:Health Sciences, Mathematics Education, Natural Sciences

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Statistics Year:2015

Full Time Total:1277


Statistics Year:2016


Updated on 21-10-2015