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China - Taiwan

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Street:151, Yingzhuan Road
Tamsui District

City:New Taipei City

Post Code:25137

Tel.:+886(2) 2621-5656

Fax:+886(2) 2623-7384


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Tamkang University has four campuses: Tamsui, Taipei, Lanyang and Cyber campuses. Also student programmes with Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, and Belgium

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Founded 1950 as Junior College of English, became College of Arts and Sciences 1958, and acquired present status and title 1980.

Academic Year

August to July (August-January; February-July)

Admission Requirements

Graduation from high school and entrance examination



Accrediting Agency

Ministry of Education

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Huan-Chao Keh

Job title:President

International Relations Officer : Lucia Chen

Job title:Dean of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

top Divisions

Centre : Chinese Language

Fields of study:Chinese

Centre : Data Processing

Fields of study:Information Technology

Centre : Extension Education

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business and Commerce, Continuing Education, Engineering, Natural Sciences

Centre : Fine Arts

Fields of study:Fine Arts

More details:Carrie Chang

Centre : In-service Education

Centre : Japanese Language

Fields of study:Japanese

Centre : Teacher Education

Fields of study:Teacher Training

College : Business

Fields of study:Banking, Business and Commerce, Economics, Finance, Industrial and Production Economics, Insurance, International Business

College : Community Development

College : Education

Fields of study:Curriculum, Education, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, Educational Psychology, Educational Research, Educational Technology, Higher Education, Teacher Training

College : Engineering

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Structural Architecture, Water Science

College : Entrepreneurial Development

College : Foreign Languages and Literature

Fields of study:English, French, German, Japanese, Literature, Modern Languages, Russian, Spanish

College : Global Research and Development

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Development Studies, Economics, Linguistics, Political Sciences

College : International Studies

Fields of study:American Studies, Chinese, Eastern European Studies, European Studies, International Relations, International Studies, Japanese, Latin American Studies, Slavic Languages, Southeast Asian Studies

College : Liberal Arts

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Chinese, Communication Studies, History, Information Sciences, Library Science, Linguistics, Mass Communication

College : Management

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Information Management, Leadership, Management, Management Systems, Public Administration, Statistics, Transport Management

College : Science

Fields of study:Biological and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

Department/Division : Continuing Education

Fields of study:Chinese, Japanese, Teacher Training

Graduate School : American Studies

Fields of study:American Studies

Graduate School : China Studies

Fields of study:Chinese, East Asian Studies

Graduate School : Chinese Linguistics and Documentation

Fields of study:Chinese, Linguistics

Graduate School : Curriculum and Instruction

Fields of study:Curriculum, Education

Graduate School : Educational Policy and Leadership

Fields of study:Educational Administration, Educational Sciences

Graduate School : Educational Psychology and Counselling

Graduate School : European Studies

Fields of study:European Studies

Graduate School : Future Studies

Graduate School : Higher Education

Graduate School : International Affairs and Strategic Studies

Fields of study:International Relations, Military Science

Graduate School : Japanese Studies

Fields of study:Japanese

Graduate School : Latin American Studies

Fields of study:Latin American Studies

Graduate School : Life Sciences

Graduate School : Slavic Studies

Fields of study:Eastern European Studies, Slavic Languages

Graduate School : Southeast Asian Studies

Fields of study:Southeast Asian Studies

Research Division : Champion Incubator

Research Division : China Studies

Research Division : Cross-Strait Financial Research

Fields of study:Finance

Research Division : Energy and Optoelectric Materials Research

Fields of study:Energy Engineering

Research Division : European Union Studies

Fields of study:European Studies

Research Division : Industrial and Financial Research

Research Division : Information Application

Research Division : Life Science Development

Fields of study:Biological and Life Sciences

Research Division : Statistical Survey Research

Fields of study:Statistics

More details:SSRC

Research Division : Study of Globalization and Cultural Differences

Research Division : Tamkang Times

Research Division : Tibetan Studies

Fields of study:Tibetan

Research Division : Water Resources Management and Policy Research

Fields of study:Water Management, Water Science

Research Division : Wind Engineering

Fields of study:Engineering

More details:WERC

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:Economics, Educational Technology, English, Finance, Information Management, International Business, International Relations, Political Sciences, Tourism

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Asian Studies, Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, Pacific Area Studies


top Academic Periodicals


International Journal of Information and Management Sciences

Journal of Educational Media and Library Sciences

Journal of Future Studies

Tamkang Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tamkang Journal of International Affairs

Tamkang Journal of Mathematics

Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering

Tamkang Review

Main Press

Tamkang University Press


Statistics Year:2017-2018


Foreign Total:2054

Updated on 13-07-2018