"St. Kliment Ohridski" University of Sofia Sofiiski universitet "Sv. Kliment Ohridski" (SU) 


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Street:15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.


Post Code:1504

Tel.:+359(2) 930-8200

Fax:+359(2) 946-0255


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Founded 1888 as Higher School of Education with one Faculty, reorganized as University 1904 and acquired present title 1905 with the number of Faculties increasing to seven by 1938. Reorganized 1944, when the Faculties of Medicine and Agriculture were detached from the University and established as separate Institutions. Acquired present title and status 2004. A State Institution.

Academic Year

September to June (September-December; February-June)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (diploma za zavarsheno sredno obrazovanie) and entrance examination

Tuition Fees

National:3,100-3,300 per annum (except in Medicine and Pharmacy, 4,650); Doctoral degree programmes, 5,500 per annum in full-time mode and 2,750 per annum in part-time mode. (EUR)

International:3,850 per annum; Doctoral degree programmes, 6,500 per annum in full-time mode and 3,300 per annum in part-time mode. (EUR)



Accrediting Agency

National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation

Student Body


top Officers

Head : Ivan Ilchev

Job title:Rector

Senior Administrative Officer : Milena Stefanova

Job title:Vice-Rector of Education

International Relations Officer : Tatyana Tsaneva

Job title:Head, International Relations Department and ERASMUS Administrative Coordinator

top Divisions

Department/Division : Information and In-Service Training of Teachers

Fields of study:Teacher Training

Department/Division : Language Learning

Fields of study:Bulgarian, Modern Languages

Department/Division : Sports

Fields of study:Physical Education, Sports

Faculty : Biology

Fields of study:Animal Husbandry, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biological and Life Sciences, Biology, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Ecology, Embryology and Reproduction Biology, Environmental Studies, Genetics, Histology, Inorganic Chemistry, Limnology, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physiology, Plant Pathology, Zoology

Faculty : Chemistry and Pharmacy

Fields of study:Analytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physical Chemistry, Polymer and Plastics Technology, Thermal Physics

Faculty : Classical and Modern Philology

Fields of study:American Studies, Classical Languages, English Studies, Foreign Languages Education, German, Germanic Studies, Modern Languages, Philology, Romance Languages, Scandinavian Languages, Spanish

Faculty : Economics and Business Administration

Fields of study:Business Administration, Economics

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Education, Educational Administration, Pedagogy

Faculty : Geology and Geography

Fields of study:Geography, Geology, Tourism

Faculty : History

Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Archaeology, Archiving, Central European Studies, History, Modern History

Faculty : Journalism and Mass Communication

Fields of study:Journalism, Mass Communication, Printing and Printmaking, Public Relations, Publishing and Book Trade, Radio and Television Broadcasting

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Administrative Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, History of Law, International Law, International Relations, Law

Faculty : Mathematics and Informatics

Fields of study:Applied Mathematics, Computer Education, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics, Systems Analysis

Faculty : Medicine

Fields of study:Medicine

Faculty : Philosophy

Fields of study:Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Ethics, Experimental Psychology, Information Sciences, Library Science, Logic, Philosophical Schools, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Psychology, Sociology

Faculty : Physics

Fields of study:Applied Physics, Astronomy and Space Science, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Electronic Engineering, Geophysics, Laser Engineering, Meteorology, Microelectronics, Nuclear Physics, Optics, Physics, Power Engineering, Radiophysics, Solid State Physics, Thermal Physics

Faculty : Preschool and Primary School Education

Fields of study:Preschool Education, Primary Education

Faculty : Slavic Studies

Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Bulgarian, Central European Studies, Eastern European Studies, Educational Sciences, Literature, Native Language Education, Russian, Slavic Languages

Faculty : Theology

Fields of study:Bible, Canon Law, Christian Religious Studies, History of Religion, New Testament, Orthodox Theology, Theology

top Degrees



Fields of study:Biology, Chemistry, Classical Languages, Education, Geography, Geology, History, Journalism, Law, Mass Communication, Mathematics and Computer Science, Medicine, Modern Languages, Pharmacy, Philology, Philosophy, Physics, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Slavic Languages, Theology


Fields of study:Administrative Law, Aesthetics, African Languages, Anaesthesiology, Analytical Chemistry, Ancient Books, Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics, Archaeology, Archiving, Astronomy and Space Science, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Botany, Bulgarian, Business Computing, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Civil Law, Classical Languages, Computer Education, Computer Science, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminology, Crystallography, Demography and Population, Documentation Techniques, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Educational Psychology, Educational Sciences, English, Entomology, Environmental Management, Ethics, Ethnology, Finnish, Folklore, Foreign Languages Education, Genetics, Geochemistry, Geography, Geography (Human), Geology, Geophysics, German, History of Law, Humanities and Social Science Education, Hungarian, Industrial and Production Economics, Industrial Management, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, International Law, International Relations, Journalism, Labour Law, Latin, Law, Library Science, Literature, Logic, Management, Marine Science and Oceanography, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mechanics, Medicine, Medieval Studies, Meteorology, Microbiology, Mineralogy, Modern History, Molecular Biology, Mongolian, Native Language Education, Nuclear Physics, Operations Research, Organic Chemistry, Orthopaedics, Paleontology, Pedagogy, Persian, Petrology, Philology, Philosophy, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, Political Sciences, Prehistory, Primary Education, Private Law, Psychology, Public Law, Radiophysics, Science Education, Slavic Languages, Social Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Solid State Physics, South and Southeast Asian Languages, Special Education, Statistics, Surgery, Surveying and Mapping, Teacher Training, Theology, Translation and Interpretation, Turkish, Virology, Water Management, Water Science, Zoology

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Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Cultural Activities

Health Services

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Nursery Care

Residential Facilities

Social Counselling

Sports Facilities

Main Press

University Printing House

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