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Canada - Nova Scotia / Nouvelle-Écosse

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Street:923 Robie Street


Province:Nova Scotia

Post Code:B3H 3C3


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Affiliated to Atlantic School of Theology

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Founded 1802 as Saint Mary's College, acquired present status and title 1841. From 1970, a public, non-denominational institution.

Academic Year

September to April (September-December; January-April). Also Summer Semesters.

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate or recognized foreign equivalent; TOEFL test for foreign students

Tuition Fees

National:Undergraduate: 539-701 per half credit (3 credit hours) course for Canadian students (though the Nova Scotia University Student Bursary reduces the cost). (CAD)

International:Undergraduate: 1217.40-1379.40 per half credit (3 credit hours) course. (CAD)



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Robert Summerby-Murray

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : David Gauthier

Job title:Vice-President, Academic and Research

Senior Administrative Officer : Gabrielle Morrison

Job title:Vice President, Administration

top Divisions

Centre : Atlantic Metropolis

More details:Immigration, Integration and Cultural Diversity

Centre : Electron Microscopy Centre

More details:EMC

Centre : Ethics and Public Affairs

Fields of study:Ethics

More details:Canadian

Centre : Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives

Fields of study:Accountancy

More details:CEARC

Centre : Leadership Excellence

Fields of study:Leadership

Centre : Occupational Health and Safety

Fields of study:Occupational Health

More details:CN

Centre : Regional Geochemistry

Fields of study:Geochemistry

More details:Saint Mary's University

Centre : Spirituality and the Workplace

Centre : Students with Disabilities

More details:Atlantic

Centre : Study of Sport and Health

Fields of study:Health Sciences, Sports

Course/Programme : Co-operative Education

Fields of study:Accountancy, Anthropology, Biology, Business Administration, Business Computing, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Environmental Studies, Finance, Geography, Geology, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Business, Labour and Industrial Relations, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Psychology, Small Business

Course/Programme : Coastal CURA

Fields of study:Coastal Studies

Course/Programme : English as a Second Language

Fields of study:English, Foreign Languages Education

Department/Division : Continuing Education

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Canadian Studies, Chinese, Communication Studies, Finance, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Hispanic American Studies, Human Resources, Human Rights, Japanese, Leadership, Linguistics, Management, Mathematics Education, Peace and Disarmament, Spanish, Writing

Department/Division : Engineering

Fields of study:Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering

Faculty : Arts

Fields of study:Ancient Civilizations, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Business Administration, Canadian Studies, Chinese, Classical Languages, Criminology, Development Studies, Economics, English, Film, French, Gender Studies, Geography, German, Greek (Classical), Hispanic American Studies, History, Irish, Japanese, Latin, Linguistics, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Theology, Women's Studies

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Education, Foreign Languages Education, Linguistics, Mathematics Education, Teacher Training

Faculty : Graduate Studies and Research

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science, Business Administration, Canadian Studies, Criminology, Development Studies, Finance, Gender Studies, History, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Theology, Women's Studies

More details:FGSR

Faculty : Science

Fields of study:Applied Physics, Astronomy and Space Science, Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Forensic Medicine and Dentistry, Geography, Geology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Physics, Psychology

Institute : Computational Astrophysics

Fields of study:Astrophysics

More details:ICA

Research Division : ACEnet

Fields of study:Computer Science

Research Division : Astronomical Observatory

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science

More details:Burke-Gaffney

Research Division : Community Based Environmental Monitoring Network

Fields of study:Environmental Management

More details:CBEMN

Research Division : Environmental Analysis and Remediation

Fields of study:Environmental Studies

More details:CEAR

Research Division : Gorsebrook

Fields of study:Canadian Studies, Regional Studies

Research Division : Maritime Provinces Spatial Analysis

More details:MP_SpARC

School : Business

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Information Sciences, Information Technology, International Business, Labour and Industrial Relations, Management, Marketing

More details:Sobey

top Degrees

Baccalauréat/Bachelor's Degree

Maîtrise/Master's Degree

Doctorat/Doctoral Degree

Fields of study:Astronomy and Space Science, Business Administration, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, International Studies, Management


Also Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree; Executive MBA, 18 months; Accelerated MBA, 12-28 months; MBA-CMA, 24 months; Professional certificates.

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The Times

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Statistics Year:2014-2015


Full Time Total:500


Statistics Year:2014-2015



Foreign Total:1580

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