Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg – University of Bamberg 


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Street:Kapuzinerstraße 16


Post Code:96045

Tel.:+49(951) 863-0

Fax:+49(951) 863-1005


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Founded 1647. Incorporated School of Theology, formerly part of 18th century University of Bamberg, and a College of Education established in 1958. An autonomous institution under the jurisdiction of and financially supported by the State of Bavaria. Acquired present title 1979

Academic Year

October to September (October-February; April-July)

Admission Requirements

Secondary school certificate (Reifezeugnis)



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Godehard Ruppert

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : Dagmar Steuer-Flieser

Job title:Chancellor

International Relations Officer : Andreas Weihe

top Divisions

Academy : Trimberg Research

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Education, Social Sciences

More details:TRAc

Centre : Empirical Studies

Fields of study:Social Studies

Centre : Innovative Applications of Computing

Fields of study:Computer Science

Centre : Interreligious Studies

Fields of study:Religious Studies

More details:ZIS

Centre : Medieval Studies

Fields of study:Medieval Studies

More details:ZEMAS

Faculty : Human Sciences and Education

Fields of study:Art Education, Education, Mathematics Education, Music Education, Protestant Theology, Psychology, Science Education, Teacher Training

Faculty : Humanities

Fields of study:Archaeology, Art History, Catholic Theology, Classical Languages, Communication Studies, English, Ethnology, Geography, German, History, Literature, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Romance Languages, Slavic Languages

Faculty : Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

Fields of study:Business Computing, Computer Science

Faculty : Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration

Fields of study:Business Administration, Business Education, Econometrics, Economics, Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Sociology, Statistics

Graduate School : Affective and Cognitive Sciences

Fields of study:Cognitive Sciences

More details:BaGrACS

Graduate School : Biopsychology of Pain and Emotions

Fields of study:Clinical Psychology

Graduate School : Business Administration

Fields of study:Business Administration

More details:BaGSB

Graduate School : Education as Landscape

Fields of study:Education

Graduate School : Historical Studies

Fields of study:Art History, History

More details:BaGraHist

Graduate School : Linguistics

Fields of study:Linguistics

More details:BaGL

Graduate School : Literary, Cultural and Media Studies

Fields of study:Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Literature

More details:BaGraLCM

Graduate School : Medieval Studies

Fields of study:Medieval Studies

More details:BaGraMS

Graduate School : Near and Middle Eastern Studies

Fields of study:Middle Eastern Studies

More details:BaGOS

Graduate School : Professional Sciences

Fields of study:Educational Administration

Graduate School : Social Sciences

Fields of study:Social Sciences

More details:BAGSS

Intermediate Institute : Applied Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment

Fields of study:Psychology

Intermediate Institute : Applied Small Firms and Traders Research

Fields of study:Business Administration

Research Division : European Forum for Migration Studies

Fields of study:Social Studies

More details:efms

Research Division : Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi)

Fields of study:Education

More details:The Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories specifically carries out the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS).

Research Division : State Institute for Family Research

Fields of study:Family Studies

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Fields of study:American Studies, Applied Linguistics, Archaeology, Architectural Restoration, Art History, Business Administration, Business Computing, Central European Studies, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Educational Sciences, English, English Studies, Folklore, French Studies, Geography (Human), German, Greek (Classical), History, International Economics, Jewish Studies, Latin, Medieval Studies, Music Education, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Protestant Theology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Slavic Languages, Sociology, Software Engineering, Sports, Vocational Education


Fields of study:Adult Education, American Studies, Applied Linguistics, Arabic, Archaeology, Art History, Bulgarian, Business Administration, Business Computing, Business Education, Classical Languages, Communication Studies, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Czech, Economics, Educational Administration, Educational Research, Educational Sciences, English, English Studies, Ethics, Folklore, Foreign Languages Education, French, Geography (Human), German, Heritage Preservation, History, Information Management, International Business, International Economics, Irish, Islamic Studies, Italian, Linguistics, Literature, Media Studies, Medieval Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Oriental Languages, Persian, Philosophy, Polish, Political Sciences, Prehistory, Psychology, Religious Studies, Romance Languages, Russian, Serbocroatian, Slavic Languages, Sociology, Software Engineering, Spanish, Statistics, Theology, Turkish, Urdu, Vocational Education


Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Business Computing, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, Political Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Theology


Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Business Computing, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Economics, Education, Political Sciences, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Theology


Some Master's Degree Porgrammes are taught in English; also State Examination in Teacher Training (Lehramt) in Primary Education and Secondary Education; Double Degrees: Master in Business Administration in conjunction with the ESC Montpellier and in conjunction with the Université Jean Moulin Lyon; Double Masters Degree in Governance and International Politics, in conjunction with Aston University; Double Master's Degree in Political Science and Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and Southeastern Europe in cooperation with University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki; Bachelor in European Economic Studies in cooperation with the Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest University of Technology, the University of Sarajevo and the University of Tirana.

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Student Services

Academic Counselling


Careers Guidance

Cultural Activities


Facilities for Disabled People

Foreign Studies Centre

IT Centre

Language Laboratory


Residential Facilities

Social Counselling

Sports Facilities

top Academic Periodicals


uni.kat (German only) – News Magazine

uni.vers Forschung (partly in English) – Research Magazine

uni.vers Studium (German only) – Study Magazine

top Student & Staff Numbers


Statistics Year:2015-2016

Full Time Male:436

Full Time Female:263

Full Time Total:699

Staff with Doctorate

Full Time Male:178

Full Time Female:83

Full Time Total:261


Statistics Year:2015-2016




Foreign Male:371

Foreign Female:696

Foreign Total:1067

Part Time:445

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