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Street:2500, boul. de l'Université



Post Code:J1K 2R1


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Founded 1954. Recognized as a Catholic University through a decree 1957.

Academic Year

September to August (September-December; January-April; May-August)

Admission Requirements

Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) following successful completion of a 2-year pre-university course at a CEGEP (Collège d'Enseignement général et professionnel), or recognized equivalent

Tuition Fees

International:Undergraduate level, 8 563,65 per trimester in the following sectors: medicine, peripheral medicine, paramedic medicine, arts, pure science, applied sciences. All other sectors at the undergraduate level and master’s level 7 668,90 per trimester. Doctoral level, 6 885,60 per trimester. (CAD)



Student Body


top Officers

Head : Pierre Cossette

Job title:Recteur

Senior Administrative Officer : Jocelyne Faucher

Job title:Secrétaire générale, vice-rectrice à la vie étudiante

International Relations Officer : Jean Goulet

Job title:Vice-recteur aux ressources humaines, vice-recteur aux relations internationales

International Relations Officer : Pascale Lafrance

Job title:Directrice, Agence des Relations internationale

top Divisions

Centre : Business

Fields of study:Business Administration

Centre : Continuing Education

Fields of study:Administration, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Chinese, Communication Studies, Computer Science, Education, Educational Administration, Engineering, Engineering Management, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Management, Medicine, Multimedia, Natural Sciences, Political Sciences, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Sports, Theology

Centre : Environmental Training

Fields of study:Environmental Management, Environmental Studies

Centre : Monitoring of the Environment and Sustainable Development

Fields of study:Development Studies, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies

More details:Observatory

Centre : Research and Training in Disability Prevention

Fields of study:Rehabilitation and Therapy

Centre : Training in Gerontology

Fields of study:Gerontology

Course/Programme : Performa

Fields of study:Education, Educational and Student Counselling, Higher Education, Teacher Training, Vocational Education

Faculty : Administration

Fields of study:Accountancy, Administration, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Information Sciences, Management, Management Systems, Marketing

Faculty : Arts and Humanities

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Communication Studies, Comparative Literature, Economics, English, Ethics, French, Geography, Gerontology, History, Music, Philosophical Schools, Political Sciences, Psychology, Social and Community Services, Social Sciences, Social Work, Surveying and Mapping

Faculty : Education

Fields of study:Adult Education, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, Educational Psychology, Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education

Faculty : Engineering

Fields of study:Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty : Law

Fields of study:Civil Law, International Law, Law, Notary Studies

Faculty : Medicine and Health Sciences

Fields of study:Anaesthesiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cardiology, Cell Biology, Community Health, Endocrinology, Environmental Studies, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Haematology, Immunology, Medicine, Microbiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Nursing, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Pneumology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Public Health, Radiology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Rheumatology, Surgery, Toxicology

Faculty : Physical Education and Sports

Fields of study:Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Sports

Faculty : Religious Studies

Fields of study:Ethics, Indigenous Studies, Pastoral Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology

Faculty : Sciences

Fields of study:Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Physics

Institute : Entrepreneurship

Fields of study:Management

Institute : Pharmacology

Fields of study:Pharmacology

More details:Sherbrooke

Institute : Research on Educational Practice

Fields of study:Educational Sciences

top Degrees

Certificat et diplôme universitaire/University certificate and diploma

Baccalauréat/Bachelor's Degree

Diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées/Graduate Advanced Diploma

Maîtrise/Master's Degree

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Business Administration, Engineering, Health Sciences, Law, Natural Sciences

Doctorat/Doctoral Degree

Fields of study:Administration, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedicine, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Clinical Psychology, Computer Engineering, Economics, Education, Educational Psychology, Electrical Engineering, French, Genetics, Gerontology, Health Sciences, History, Immunology, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neurosciences, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Religious Studies, Surveying and Mapping, Translation and Interpretation


Also Diploma in Environmental Management; Combined Bachelor's degree programmes (Law and Business/biological and Life Sciences); Post-doctoral floows in Law; MBA.

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Statistics Year:2014-2015


Full Time Total:6882


Statistics Year:2014-2015



Foreign Total:1600

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