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Founded 1975 as Huangshi Industrial Secondary School. Successively became Wuhan University of Technology (the present Wuhan University of Science and Technology) Huangshi Branch 1981, Huangshi Junior College. Became Huangshi Polytechnical College 1991 after merging with Huangshi Professional College. Became Huangshi Institute of Technology 2004 after merging with Huangshi Teacher Training College. Acquired present title 2011. Main administrative body: Hubei Province



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Ministry of Education

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Head : Shejiao Li

Job title:President, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

top Divisions

Centre : Environmental Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering, Science Education

Centre : Fashion Design and Engineering Experimental Teaching

Fields of study:Art Education, Fashion Design, Textile Technology

Centre : IT and Application of Experimental Teaching

Fields of study:Computer Education, Information Technology

Centre : Mechanical Basic Experimental Teaching Demonstration

Fields of study:Mechanics

College : Chemical and Materials Engineering

Fields of study:Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Engineering

College : Economics and Management

Fields of study:Accountancy, Business Administration, E- Business/Commerce, Economics, Finance, International Business, International Economics, Management, Marketing, Transport Management

College : Environmental Engineering

Fields of study:Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Studies, Hydraulic Engineering, Safety Engineering, Water Management

College : Foreign Languages

Fields of study:Applied Linguistics, Business Administration, English, Modern Languages, Musicology

College : International

Fields of study:Accountancy, Automation and Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering

College : Teachers

Fields of study:Art Education, Chinese, Literature, Music Education, Musicology, Preschool Education, Primary Education

College : Vocational and Technical Studies

Department/Division : Humanities and Social Sciences

Fields of study:Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences

Department/Division : Sports

Fields of study:Sports

Institute : Art

Fields of study:Architectural and Environmental Design, Clothing and Sewing, Communication Arts, Dance, Display and Stage Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Music, Music Education, Musicology, Textile Design, Textile Technology, Visual Arts

Institute : Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Fields of study:Automation and Control Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Railway Transport, Telecommunications Engineering

Laboratory : Pollution Control and Repair

Fields of study:Environmental Management, Mining Engineering

More details:Hubey Key Mining Environment

Research Division : The Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River Mining Development

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Economics, Mining Engineering, Social Studies

School : Civil Engineering

Fields of study:Bridge Engineering, Civil Engineering, Management, Road Engineering, Structural Architecture

School : Computer Science

Fields of study:Computer Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Science, Software Engineering

School : Continuing Education

More details:Zikaoban

School : Mathematics

Fields of study:Applied Physics, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science

School : Mechanical Engineering

Fields of study:Automation and Control Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Transport Engineering

School : Medicine

Fields of study:Laboratory Techniques, Medical Technology, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy

top Degrees

Bachelor - Xueshi Xuewei



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