Harbin University  


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Street:9 Xufusidaojie


Province:Heilongjiang Province

Post Code:150086

Tel.:+86(451) 6688516

Fax:+86(451) 6677510


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Founded 1997.

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Department/Division : Biology

Fields of study:Biology

Department/Division : Chemistry

Fields of study:Chemistry

Department/Division : Chinese

Fields of study:Chinese

Department/Division : Computer Science

Fields of study:Computer Science

Department/Division : Construction Engineering

Fields of study:Construction Engineering

Department/Division : Crafts and Trades

Fields of study:Crafts and Trades

Department/Division : Food Technology

Fields of study:Food Technology

Department/Division : Geography

Fields of study:Geography

Department/Division : History

Department/Division : Management

Department/Division : Mathematics

Department/Division : Mechanics

Fields of study:Mechanics

Department/Division : Modern Languages

Fields of study:Modern Languages

Department/Division : Music

Fields of study:Music

Department/Division : Physical Education

Fields of study:Physical Education

Department/Division : Physics

Department/Division : Political Science

Fields of study:Political Sciences

Department/Division : Secretarial Studies

Department/Division : Textile Design

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