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Street:San 31-3 Sadang-dong


Post Code:156-763

Tel.:+82(2) 3479-0200

Fax:+82(2) 596-2602


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Founded 1901 as as Pyongyang Seminary, acquired present status and title 1967.

Academic Year

March to December (March-June; September-December)

Admission Requirements

Graduation from High School or equivalent. For Department of Theology recommandation of a Presbytery of Hapdong denomination. Korean examination for foreign students

Tuition Fees

National:University, 2,144,000 per semester; Seminary, 1,760,000 (KRW)



Accrediting Agency

Korean Council for University Education (KCUE); Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development; Asia Theological Association (ATA); ICHE

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Student Body


top Officers

Head : Young-woo Kim

Job title:President

Senior Administrative Officer : San Yong Kim

Job title:Dean of Planning and Development

International Relations Officer : Hoon Kwak

top Divisions

Department/Division : Child Studies

Fields of study:Child Care and Development

Department/Division : Christian Education

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies, Religious Education

Department/Division : Early Childhood Education

Fields of study:Preschool Education

Department/Division : English Education

Fields of study:Foreign Languages Education

Department/Division : History Education

Fields of study:Humanities and Social Science Education

Department/Division : Music

Fields of study:Music

Department/Division : Social Work

Fields of study:Social Work

Department/Division : Theology

Fields of study:Theology

Graduate School : Biblical Counseling

Fields of study:Bible, Psychology, Theology

Graduate School : Christianity Social Work

Fields of study:Administration, Christian Religious Studies, Social Psychology, Social Work

Graduate School : Education

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies, Education, English, Foreign Languages Education, Linguistics, Literature, Preschool Education, Religious Education

Graduate School : Graduate Studies

Fields of study:Bible, Christian Religious Studies, History of Religion, Missionary Studies, Music, New Testament, Preschool Education, Theology

Graduate School : Intercultural Studies

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Theology

Graduate School : Pastoral Ministry

Fields of study:Cultural Studies, Pastoral Studies, Religious Practice, Theology

top Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree

Fields of study:Christian Religious Studies, Cultural Studies, Music, Pastoral Studies, Preschool Education, Psychology, Religious Practice, Social Work, Theology

Doctor's Degree

Fields of study:Bible, Christian Religious Studies, Cultural Studies, History of Religion, Missionary Studies, New Testament, Pastoral Studies, Preschool Education, Religious Practice, Theology

top Academic Periodicals


Chongshin Review

Chongshin Theological Journal

Main Press

Chongshin University Press; Chongshin Theological Seminary Press

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Statistics Year:2013-2014

Full Time Total:77


Statistics Year:2013-2014


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