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  • United States of America - Missouri

    Expand result for A.T. Still University


    Divisions: Osteopathic Medicine; Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona; School of Dentistry and Oral Health; School of Health Management; School of Health Sciences

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  • Chile

    Expand result for Adventist University of Chile

    Universidad Adventista de Chile (UnACh)

    Divisions: Education and Social Sciences; Engineering and Trade; Health Sciences; Theology

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  • United States of America - New York

    Expand result for Albany Medical College


    Divisions: Anesthesiology; Bioethics; Cardiovascular Sciences; Cell and Molecular Biology; Emergency Medicine; Family Practice; Graduate Studies; Gynaecology and Obstetrics; Heart; Immunology and Microbial Disease ; Medicine; Neurology; Neuropharmocology and Neuroscience; Neurosciences; Neurosurgery; Pathology; Pediatrics; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Psychiatry; Radiology; Residency and Fellowships; Surgery; Vascular

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  • Albania

    Expand result for Aleksandër Xhuvani University of Elbasan

    Universiteti i Elbasanit Aleksandër Xhuvani

    Divisions: Economics; Education; Humanities; Medical Sciences; Natural Sciences

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  • Palestine

    IAU Member

    Expand result for An-Najah National University


    Divisions: Energy Research; Agriculture; Arts; Biological, Chemical and Drug Analysis; Central Medical; Community; Community Service; Computer Science; Construction and Transportation Research; Continuing Education; Earth Sciences and Seismic Engineering; Economics and Administration; Educational Sciences and Psychology; Engineering; Fine Arts; Graduate Studies; Human Medicine and Health Sciences; Human Rights and Democracy; Information Technology; Islamic Law (Shari'a); Law; Measurement and Evaluation; Opinion Polls and Survey Studies; Poison Control and Drug Information; Science; Study of Involuntary Migration; Technology; Urban and Regional Planning; Veterinary Medicine; Water and Environmental Studies

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  • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

    Expand result for Andrés Bello Catholic University

    Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB)

    Divisions: Economics and Social Sciences; Engineering; Humanities and Education; Theology

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  • United States of America - Pennsylvania

    Expand result for Arcadia University

    Divisions: Arts and Sciences; Continuing Studies; Education; Global Business; Health Sciences

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  • Eritrea

    Expand result for Asmara College of Health Sciences


    Divisions: Health Sciences

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  • India

    Expand result for Assam Down Town University


    Divisions: Engineering; Management; Nursing; Paramedicatl Sciences; Pharmacy

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  • United States of America - Massachusetts

    Expand result for Assumption College

    Divisions: Accelerated Studies; Accounting; Anthropology; Art History; Art, Music and Theatre; Biology; Biotechnology; Business Studies; Chemistry; Classics; Communication Sciences and Disorders; Community Service Learning; Computer Science; Criminology; Economics; Education; Engineering; English; Environmental Science; Foreign Languages; Global Studies; Graduate Studies; Graphic Design; History; Human Services; International Business; Latin American Studies; Literature; Management; Marketing; Mass Communication; Mathematics; Medieval and Early Modern Studies; Natural Sciences; Neuroscience; Occupational and Physical Therapy; Organizational Communication; Philosophy; Political Science; Pre-Law; Pre-Med; Psychology; Sociology; Sports Management; Studio Art; Theatre Arts; Theology; Women's Studies; Working with Children and Adolescents in Community Settings; Writing and Mass Communications

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